Designed by International Women

By Mariana Ochoa

Charlotte Perriand (1926),

This year’s Design/Miami art fair will serve as a platform for groundbreaking designs and innovations from international women who have made iconic contributions to the ongoing story of design.

Here are a few insights on some of the artists that will be featured…

glass (413x599) (2)
Ritsue Mishima,

Charlotte Perriand, French architect and designer, began her career in the 1920’s. She believed that better designs help create better societies.

Early in her career, Perriand approached French architect and designer, Le Corbusier, for an opportunity to work with him in his studio and he responded by saying, “we don’t embroider cushions here.” Soon after, Perriand was able to show Le Corbusier her work and he immediately changed his mind. Perriand collaborated with Le Corbusier for a decade and went on to create pieces that helped define modernism through design.

Ritsue Mishima is an artist of glass works and sculptures, who was born in Japan and moved to Venice in 1989. Her distinctive artistic perspective, influenced by her diverse cultural contexts, has led her to create exceptionally high concept glass works. An important element in all her glass works is that the glass is untinted because as she puts it, “transparency contains all colors.”

Hella Jongerius, courtesy of Design/Miami

Hella Jongerius who was born in the Netherlands, is one of the most influential industrial designers of our time with her brilliant fusion of artisan technique to the industrial process. Her approach has proven to be subtle yet rich with color and texture. For Jongerious, “Innovation is the highest priority.”

Enjoy these and more extraordinary contributions to art and design at this year’s Design/Miami art fair. Get inspired, get renewed.