Google Glassx Interactive Art

Viewpoint of Billions @ SIME MIA 2013

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 2.31.57 PMGoogle Glass and the art world collide during Miami Art Week in Miami Beach for SIME MIA. Miami-based, Kiwi Arts Group, and Gallery Shchukin present New York artist, David Datuna‘s latest work –Viewpoint of Billions, a groundbreaking interactive, social experience that he has been diligently working on  for months with a team of Google Glass developers.

Behind The Scenes

For this project, Datuna’s classic American flag covered in his signature style with a network of positive and negative optical lenses. Google Glass will act as an extension to convey the artist’s vision in ways that would normally be impossible. Glass will allow viewers to unlock the underlying images with video and interactive experiences.

“Google Glass presents a unique opportunity to view my latest series ‘Viewpoint of Billions’ from a completely fresh and exciting perspective, opening a new paradigm that provides a gateway to better communicate my concept and narrative. On one hand it is natural to question what it all means, on the other we are fortunate to live in such a period of innovation” Datuna

Google Glass acts as an extension that conveys the artist’s vision and allows users to unlock the underlying images with video and interactive experiences. Datuna’s flag also communicates directly with the audience, prompting questions through the viewfinder of Glass.

“Collaboration like this is only possible when you combine talents of different disciplines with artistic vision. Brick Simple’s team of digital artists are excited to be working with Glass, side-by-side with David Datuna to fulfill his remarkable vision.” Det Ansinn

For those who opt in, the total experience is recorded through the built-in camera in Glass, and cameras embedded in the artwork. The see you, see-me outcome is archived by the art and sent out via social media to share with the world. The artwork evolves with each interaction, creating a timeline.

“David Datuna has been exploring how the technologies of today will take art beyond where it has been. He is the ideal artist-pioneer to incorporate Glass into authentic, inspirational and perhaps controversial works of art”


For those of you who prefer to stay on inland (and for those of us who don’t have a grand to dish out on a fair), the monumental 12-foot American Flag heads to Miami’s Design District on December 4-8th where all Miamians (and our wealthy international guests) are invited to experience the world’s first Google Glass interactive art project.

SIME MIA is a joint venture between SIME, Europe’s first and funkiest digital business event, and MIA Collective, which organizes events in Miami focused on Media, Internet, and Art. SIME MIA is launching for the first time December 3rd at the heart of beautiful (and sunny) South Beach. SIME MIA offers a unique blend of international thought leaders and a meeting place for great people, great ideas, and new business opportunities. More: