Wynwood Art Fair


AlouishousSanGomma – Photo by CaroM

Wynwood Art Fair was the interactive fair that it promised to be, with live art happening in every direction. Along NW 6th Ave, from 24th to 29th street, booths, walls, and street alike were turned into canvases and live art spaces for the weekend.

Gallery Diet

New World School of the Arts students, Sebastian Duncan Portuondo and Chad Cunha, created a participative installation for Gallery Diet. Boxes of found trash lay waiting for a passer-by to place on a canvas that filled the back wall. This installation was a metaphor for the participative aspect of the fair, where artists and audience alike created something together, and through their mutual participation, help a good cause.

Agustina Woodgate

Agustina Woodgate participated in a thrift store and created an endless street hopscotch. While most were hiding in the shadows trying to avoid the midday sun, Woodgate was by number 367 of her street hopscotch installation.  Diligently working through the weekend, this piece is now a permanent piece of Wynwood’s street art. At another booth with a built-in thrift store, Woodgate worked with women of the shelter to create poetry she then sewed onto the tags of clothing, a poetry project started with O, Miami.

Jerry Mischak

"As promised, Jerry Mischak created his organic-like living room sculptures during the fair using donated furniture and a lot of tape. Jerry Mischak and a group of volunteers from the Lotus House Shelter built and arranged the pieces. Throughout the fair, they covered them with pieces with colored vinyl tape. Although in the image above we caught Jerry, his troop of volunteers were away taking a break. Nevertheless,  this disposition of the artists toward the audience embraces visual engagement.

It’s also worth mentioning the surrounding street art. Wynwood’s Walls are always a trip to look at. The wall of fame, a run down haven of local and international art was being used as a valet parking lot. Although it was nice to see it open for a change, maybe next time we can give it a better use.

Wynwood Art Fair did its share to promote Miami’s budding art scene and its institutions — galleries, schools, established and emerging artists were represented — while raising some mula to benefit the women of the Lotus House Shelter, accepting your contributions year round.

Thanks Wynwood Art Fair for letting us be a part of the art, till next year!