Wynwood Art Fair Primer: Miami Poetry Collective

The Miami Poetry Collective is a group of poets who’ve joined forces to encourage one another’s work and build up the Miami poetry scene in the process. The group’s membership ranges from nationally-acclaimed poets to literary unknowns, united by a common passion for poetic composition.

Rockstars of Poetry

“More like a music label than a literary journal,” the Miami Poetry Collective identifies and signs local writers of any age, working with them to improve upon and promote their talents. In association with the University of Wynwood, the Collective publishes and distributes a regular closed-submission poetry anthology called The Cent Journal Series: A Modern Anthology of Miami Poets. The journal is “a snapshot of the city’s literary life, which, as it’s in constant motion, may occasionally come out a little blurry.”

Wynwood Art Fair

The Miami Poetry Collective’s contribution to Wynwood Art Fair comes in the form of (you guessed it…) poetry. The group’s members will be wandering the fairgrounds in search of inspiration, using the art itself as their muse to “create poems inspired by or in response to the other art happening at the Fair.”

The collective will be set up at the fair on Saturday, from 1:00-6:00 p.m., and the assorted verses will then coalesce in an epic poem collage installation that will continue to grow throughout the weekend, culminating in a triumphant paper custom-designed by the Collective.