Wynwood Art Fair Primer: Jerry Mischak

Three-dimensional artist Jerry Mischak touches on poignant social issues like poverty and homelessness with his experimental sculptures, which force the audience to question the world around them.

His exhibit at Wynwood Art Fair, called Homeless Is Where The Heart Is, involves Mischak and volunteers using raw materials like duct tape and plastic to create powerful compositions that engage the audience both visually and mentally.


Jerry Mischak will discuss what an ideal home interior may look like to several volunteers. Each volunteer will have the opportunity to invest their individual visions and ideas into this sculptural installation. Using donated furniture, they will begin building and arranging an interior as defined by all. Then, they will cover the furniture still life with layers of 400 rolls of colored vinyl tape, developing a thick skin over the entire form. Jerry Mischak will be working with the volunteers and guiding them through the process throughout.

“My part will be to work with and guide the volunteers in the process by contributing my experience working with these materials and signaling what configurations the overall form can take on. Our goal will be to transform the raw materials into a sculpture that provokes a visually engaging experience for the audience. Hopefully this experience will prompt questions of home and homeless.”

Jerry Mischak

The outcome may manifest into a large singular form or perhaps into a number of smaller objects, so you’ll have to head to the Wynwood Art Fair to find out. For now, check out some of his previous work below: