The new single from Miami band The Hongs is almost too good to be true. The chilled out electronic act rolls out a song with sonic textures that soothe the frazzled listener, along with some of the highest quality songwriting available in South Florida. In fact it’s better than much of the stale, predictable “smooth” electronic pop one is likely to hear on TV or at the local retail clothing outlet. Yes, perhaps they are practitioners of that smooth danceable style but they validate it as art.

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Behind The Music: EONS

Imagine a revamp of the best dance pop from the eighties blasting in a futuristic night club where everyone is totally stoned. That is precisely what Eons sounds like. They have sounded that way since their birth from the creative mind of frontman and songwriter Johnny Deezal back in 2012. Since then, multi-instrumentalist Matthew Gossman joined the mix and they’ve polished things up quite a bit.

For their new single “Heat of the Night” the songwriting is brought up to the next level while production is at its most crisp. They recorded and produced it all themselves which even in this DIY day and age, is impressive.

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"Sounds"of the ArtHouse

Downtown Arthouse and Other Electricities present SOUNDS, an experimental showcase of live performances in a parking lot; broadcasted to the world! SOUNDS is a collaboration curated by Emile Milgrim, founder of Miami-based record label Other Electricities (OE), and Thom Wheeler Castillo, Director of Turn-Based Press (TBP).

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Rad City Sticky Pop

Rad City Sticky Pop. Upon my first encounter with this term, I didn’t even know their name. At the time, all I saw was a group of dudes on stage in their bathing suits, the glitter on their nails sparkling as they shredded. Naturally, I was in Churchills Pub this particular night and from that first moment, the Miami-based band known as Plastic Pinks, made a lasting impression.

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Un Hombre Alado: Gustavo Cerati

It’s an overcast day here in Austin, Texas, but other than that, everything seems to be flowing normally. Not many people here seem to know what’s going on but I know too well the void all our friends back in Miami and Latin Americans all over the world are feeling. Today, Gustavo Cerati, leader of the legendary Argentine rock band Soda Stereo, passed away following four years of being in an induced coma after having suffered a transient ischemic attack (mini-stroke) in 2010.

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Behind The MusicKAZOOTS

We’ve been following Kazoots since they blew our mind at Tropicult’s Summer Concert Series last year at The Vagabond. Check out Rod Deal’s photos of them playing around town and an exclusive interview!

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Psychedeliacs Vol. 2: Everything WillRegenerate As L❤VE

In Vol. 1, I told the story of three current day Psychedeliacs: New Electric Ride, Maston, and Curtis Godino of the band Worthless and liquid light show Drippy Eye Projections. Now turn your heads because tonight’s headliners are so good that I’m thinking there must be some sort of glitch in the matrix. In my ongoing journey to find the psychedelic luminaries of today, I stumbled upon two worthy contenders: The Bright Light Social Hour and Quilt

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Review: Pitchfork 2K14

Chicago’s Union Park played host to Pitchfork Music Festival’s 10th incarnation, bringing in bands, vendors, music fans, and a wide array of characters along with it. Featuring a healthy dose of reunited acts, new bands on the up slope, and plenty of acclaimed acts in-between, Pitchfork Fest has pitched their own tent in Chicago’s already busy festival schedule. Tropicult came and conquered through the dusty fields and blazing sun to bring to you the highlights (and the rest) of the three day extravaganza.

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MoiraeHoffa HQ2k14 Tour

Being an artist has led me to worlds I never thought I’d traverse. I grew up a geeky middle class kid who made mediocre grades and never felt particularly adventurous. My room was my cave, and I always preferred staying in there and listening to music, watching movies, or reading books. I felt ‘just ok’ at life itself. I always used art to escape reality and worked at making my own art for the same purpose. At first I had the childhood delusions of future fame and success but reality soon leveled that.

I found myself in my early twenties, in a spanish rock band that did not satisfy me creatively or financially. My resistance to socializing probably played a big role in limited the people I knew, and it seemed as if this path towards my childhood visions was corrupted. I hadn’t realized fully yet that making music for one’s self is more rewarding yet far less glorious. Then a case of depression and anxiety rendered the idea of pursuing art out of the question. I took some years off to study. I graduated, did drugs, and hung out with friends. I was going to be a writer or a historical/literary researcher. Life would be quiet and predictable.

Then it came back. The itch to make as much art as possible ate through my journalism degree, my part time office job, and my resolve to never afflict the world upon myself again. So that’s how I’ve found myself here. Never expecting to be going on these long drives to places I’ve hardly heard of, to have these experiences involving loud music and sweat and not a lot of money.

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The psychedelic scene is alive and well. I’ve seen it!

This year’s trip to Austin Psych Fest opened my eyes real wide to the far reaches of psychedelic rock in present Earth. Musicians, along the entire spectrum of psychedelia, gathered to play mind-bending shows by a river amidst the grass, and fresh air(see: Road to APF2014, APF Highlights Part I, and APF Highlights Part II).

Simply put, I was blown away. After experiencing the lysergy myself, I set out to find bands and visual artists from all over the world that are a part of today’s blossoming (or wilting, as some see it) psychedelic rock scene. I stumbled upon some amazing bands and individuals that you Miami-folk will dig…

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Behind The Music: Astrea Corporation

Astrea Corp Promo 1
Next month, The Astrea Corporation will be showcasing their mix of murky trip hop and psychedelic vibes by releasing their new full length Paradise Oscine on Decades Records. Their music is an ever expanding mutation, influences and inspirations almost impossible to pinpoint. Their songs evoke new fear and realities, trapping the listener somewhere between the cold and glitchy influence of the synth backbone of the tracks, and the primal melodies dripping from singer Carly Astrea’s deep, warm, and sometimes guttural vocal chords.

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APF2014 Highlights [Part 1 of 2]

Earlier this month, thousands of psychedeliacs descended on Carson Creek Ranch for the 7th iteration of Austin Psych Fest, a music festival specifically designed for those who enjoy mind expanding music and visuals. The dust-ridden weekend was replete with psychedelic music from all over the world, delicious food trucks, and friendly vibes. Whether you made it out there or not, allow me to recount for you all some of this year’s most memorable performances…

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