Dark Horse FlyerBreakaway

Dark Horse Flyer was a dream that started back in 1974 when two close friends decided to make awesome, loud music. Don Mularz and Scott Lane, both, guitarist and vocalists, enlisted the help of guitar virtuoso John Tillman and a few others to create a classic rock powerhouse called Breeze. It was promising. The music was good, the drive was there. They had a full album written. Then, it suddenly came crashing down as business out of their control sent things into a tailspin. The album was never released. Everyone went their separate ways. Don kept pursuing music while Scott took to the corporate world. Tillman became a session guitarist. Everything was calm.

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The Optimistic Pop ofAmy Kress

Music is a great vehicle for optimism, and Amy Kress is an apt navigator. Not only is this Colorado-based singer/songwriter skilled at writing uplifting, catchy pop songs. Not only are her lyrics relatable and positive. But on top of all this musical cred is the weight of her personal story: Kress has fought a long battle with breast cancer that is not over yet. The music on her highly anticipated debut full-length, Secret Music, is not only an artistic expression. It’s a life expression.

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Rony's InsomniaCOUNT TO TEN

As rock music lies in wait for its next big hurrah, New York alternative quartet Rony’s Insomnia has been diligently writing dark, beautiful music ready for countless ears to hear and fall in love with.

Their debut album “Count to Ten” is equal parts melancholy, peacefully folksy, and otherworldly. Israeli front-woman Rony Corcos, the band’s namesake, has put the familiar genre of alt-rock into a unique form. Rony’s Insomnia paints a sad yet intriguing picture where the imagery of long nights, rainy days, and soaring heights dominate the landscape.

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The Other Top 10 Albums of 2k14

Year’s end top ten lists are pandering, subjective, self-indulgent, and quickly made irrelevant. This list will be no different except that it is made by me and therefore I designate it the best one. There will be no top 40 albums in this list and if there are it is based solely on whether or not I enjoyed it, not some industry-dictated milestone or swell of popular opinion. This is admittedly the most selfish list readers will ever read.

For that reason, there is a stark absence of local music on this list. It’s not that no good local music came out. On the contrary, local sludge act Holly Hunt released a crushing split with Irish rockers Slomatics, and Miami electronic dance favorites The Hongs released a single featuring their catchiest material yet. But in my eyes and picky taste, there were no full lengths that stood up to offerings available from around the world. What a weak list this would be indeed if I shoe-horned in something subpar just because it is local. Some may cry regarding this fact. I, on the other hand, will eat lunch.

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Who is FKA Twigs?

I have been following FKA Twigs ever since I saw her wide eyed, bobbling head on YouTube. I was simultaneously intrigued and disillusioned. As the months progressed, more videos started popping up, and her seemingly enigmatic persona began to reveal itself. I felt a constant pull between being deeply enthralled but also put off. Who is this person? Why does she dress like a new member of TLC? Wait, she dances too? Huh, she choreographs… directs… produces? Oh, and really- she is dating Robert Pattinson?

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Rad City Sticky Pop

Rad City Sticky Pop. Upon my first encounter with this term, I didn’t even know their name. At the time, all I saw was a group of dudes on stage in their bathing suits, the glitter on their nails sparkling as they shredded. Naturally, I was in Churchills Pub this particular night and from that first moment, the Miami-based band known as Plastic Pinks, made a lasting impression.

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