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Food and music go hand in hand; so with a drumstick in one hand and chicken in the other “Drum Stick. Drumstick” combines the two.

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Our monthly series has returned. Get to know your favorite local bands, as we interview them about their favorite munchies, current playlists and upcoming shows. This month we sit down with local songstress, Dama Vicke. The Mexican artist known for receiving Best Independent Artist and Best Lyrics awards at The American Tracks Music Awards has just released a 5 track EP titled “Point of Inflection”. The album is a unique mixture of alternative rock with whispers of folk, with strong lyrics as its backbone. You can find her rocking out in her leather jacket and signature red lips, this Saturday at Las Rosas bar.

Now for a quick bite with Dama Vicke. Buen Provecho.


1. How do you order your pizza? Toppings? Crust style?

Dama: My favorites are Margerita pizza, or Brie cheese, prosciutto, and arugula. Thick crust. I know some hate pineapple but I truly enjoy it on a pizza.. I recently discovered one with prosciutto, cinnamon, and pineapple lol


2. If you could pair any song with any food what would it be?

Dama:I’d go with Fujiya and Miyagi’s, “Vanilla Strawberry”, I really enjoy desserts so this is a fun song for a sweet tooth day!

3. Tell us about your current projects? You have a show coming up right?

Dama: Yes, still promoting my first EP – Point Of Inflection and we recently released a music documentary filmed in México City, available to watch on YouTube… It was a great experience. Next show is at Las Rosas and we will be sharing the stage with bands like The Woolly Bushmen, Jacuzzi Boys, and Supergirl.


4. Being that you’re Mexican, what is your favorite Mexican dish?

Dama: Everything, but I love what we call “garnachas” like gorditas (Mexican arepas) but I always end up ordering Enchiladas de mole poblano.

5.Your show is on St Paddy’s Day, green beer or nah?

Dama: I have never tried it, so why not 😉

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