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Natazha Cumberbatch, M.S., is a singer-songwriter who was born in Venezuela to Trinidadian parents. At an early age, she showed an interest in singing by performing at school events and in her father’s band rehearsals. Her father, a singer and bassist encouraged her interest in the arts. She studied music theory, drums, and guitar at “Manuel Gutierrez” Music School in Margarita, Venezuela. Later she studied with voice coaches Blanca Pulido (Venezuela), Sheila Barish, and Ana Maria Jaramillo (the latter two from Miami).

“I got started doing music with my dad.”

Her songwriting journey began in her late teens. She wrote and co-wrote a number of songs, both religious and secular. Natazha recently released two of her original songs produced by Grammy award winner Paul Hoyle. When she originally went into the studio she intended to just record a simple demo, but it was so well received, some called it a masterpiece.

She intends to share a message of hope, courage, and empowerment with her music. She lives in Miami with her family and 9-5 works with students in the Miami Dade Public School District as a certified middle school counselor and educator.

In addition to her work with youth, she has had musical experience ranges from being a cantor in different churches, singing jazz, participating in musicals and singing as a soloist. Out of all of those, her most memorable career moment was when she sang in a tribute to Queen with her voice coach and her sister.

“My favorite song is Gravity

by Sara Barailles.”

An acoustic guitar player if she had to be stuck in one year musically, it would be the  60’s, and she would love to tour with Josh Groban. she says the most fun part about being an artist is being able to connect with people of all walks of life.

Since she is a counselor, I asked her if what advice she would give to up and coming artists and she said “be authentic, be detached to the outcome and breath in every performance.

Natazha will be sharing her message of empowerment and performing live music on March 2nd at the Zen Zone Miami. You can follow her journey on Twitter.


Saturday, March 2 2019

One of the best things about Miami is all the amazing musical talent the city has to offer! On Saturday, March 2nd join us for a live show by: Natazha Cumberbatch! Natazha recently released two of her original songs produced by Grammy award winner Paul Hoyle. Enjoy the beautiful works of art by Adriana Jaramillo, @artistadrianajay, during the show for her Closing Reception! Her art features women traveling the world, with an emphasis on women of color. The goal of her art is to celebrate female courage, magical destinations, and the wandering, pioneering spirit of travelers.

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