The Road toIII points

A short story of one man's journey from coast to coast

“My first mistake was leaving Friday morning. I should have left Thursday. I would have been here”, Zues said while he puffed on a joint of Cali’s finest. He had smuggled a 1/2 oz of “Wedding Crashers” from LA to Miami in preparation for the 2019 iii points festival. The excursion took him 2 days, involved one night under an airport bench, and almost a trip to Brazil.

Zues had gotten tickets last minute and decided to fly standby. After missing his connection on Friday he spent the night in the JFK airport. He kept getting bumped from flights, and almost missed the event completely. Every flight that went by he hoped for a seat. He was so close, but so far. At one point he considered scrapping the whole trip and going to Brazil instead!

“I didn’t go to Brazil because I didn’t want to flake on you Liz.”

“Who are you excited to see?” Lizard asked him coughing. He said luckily it was the Sunday lineup he was most looking forward to.

He spelled out K-H-R-U-A-N-G-B-I-N. “Look them up.”

“Why is that guy wearing a wig from a dollar store?” Lizard asked.

Actual photo of Zues reacting to the question.

“No but seriously they remind me of another band I saw recently,” said Lizard


Turns out they were performing tomorrow too. “You mean today!”

Zues said. At this point, Sunday was about 30 minutes away. His iii points experience had finally arrived. He had been waiting for the festival since last year when it got rescheduled to avoid possible complications from the South Florida hurricane season.

“I’m glad you made it.” Lizard looked over at Zues.

He looked back, “me too.”


February 15 - February 18 2019

III Points is an alternative music festival in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood. The festival, which was founded by four friends in 2013, arose as a means to represent and unite our unique, diverse South Florida community.

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