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What a time to be alive! No longer do you have to go anywhere to get things done! There are reports of an email flurry hitting Miami commissioners inboxes this week. Porque? Voters are expressing their opinion on the Ultra Music Festival and it’s pending location.  I thought about sending an email to confirm these details, but this meme gave me pause.

Actual not actual photo of Commissioner Ken Russell

For those that may be unfamiliar, “email” is one of the communication tools used by “Snake People”, who also have the most voting power in the United States of America. The biggest question I have is, what does Ultra want? I mean this whole thing has got to be time consuming. How do you plan the most epic music festival when you’re being bogged down with politics. This whole thing is mucho drama. Like a significant other that breaks up with you, but keeps texting. #notcool.

What about just going crazy rich asian style and putting a bunch of container ships in international waters? Broker Uber boats to shuttle people back and forth. Problem solved. Oh wait. That might be super harmful for our environment. No bueno. Scratch that. But wait, wouldn’t Ultra have to move from Downtown in a few years anyway because it’s basically going to be under water right? Shouldn’t the commissioners be focusing on THAT problem?

Anyone else got ideas about the situation? Make your voice heard by speaking today at Miami City Hall. 3500 Pan American Drive, Miami, FL 33133. Be there by 8:30 am to secure a good spot. The meeting is supposed to kick off at 9 am. *cough Miami time*

Not keen on public displays of opinion in a two minute rapid fire setting? Not to worry! Fire up the old keyboard! Send a tweet and tag us 😛, make a phone call, or write an email like how one of these fine folks did below. Here are the addresses you will need:

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Honorable City of Miami Mayor & Commissioners

In light of the Ultra Music Festival quest to return to Bayfront & on behalf of the Virginia Key Beach Park Trust, I would like to express some key successes of Ultra Music Festival while they were here at Historic Virginia Key Beach Park aka “Resistance Island”!!

  1. The sustainability plan “Mission Home” was like no other.  The initiatives were on point and the execution of all plans were magnificent done by theUMF Sustainability Team and Production Team.
  2. The protection & respect of this environmental and historic property by way of, fencing, barricades, signage, etc., exceeded our expectations tremendously.
  3. Ultra Music Festival, brought in a company called “Clean Vibes” and they did a magnificent job at keeping the park very clean during setupthe eventbreakdown.
  4. Ultra Music Festival opted to pay for a more natural and safe mosquito repellant to be sprayed at the park versus the toxic & heavy chemicals of theMiami-Dade County mosquito spray (we have the ingredients report from both the county and also from Mosquito Joes).  This made the process much safer for the Environment, Animals and People.
  5. The production process was smooth and only minimally intrusive to the park.  The staff members (in particular – Derek Spencer & Vivian Belzaguy) incharge of the production process were professional, knowledgeable and detailed.   If there were any issues, they were dealt with and mitigated expeditiously.
  6. The UMF event,production & creative design teams did a phenomenal job from start to finish.  They were extremely creative in the designs of the event and were mindful of the restrictions set by the Trust.
  7. During the 3 days of Ultra Music Festival, we were astonished at how clean the park was from the start of each day to the end of each day.  We noticedthat even the attendees did their part in throwing trash in the proper receptacles.
  8. This event has set the bar very high for all events on all aspects.  The level of high end production and organization is unparalleled.
  9. The Eco Village at “Resistance Island” was amazing and the vendors did a phenomenal job in educating and inspiring attendees on sustainable living. It is a necessary and wonderful addition to the Ultra Music Festival brand
  10. Even with the traffic problems on Friday night and people walking on the bridge, Ultra Music Festival (along with the City of Miami’s assistance) managedto create a new traffic plan & pattern that was effective and worked very efficiently on Saturday & Sunday.  There were more than enough buses and taxis to transport the massive amount of attendees.  Quick resolution for what could have been a bigger problem on the causeway.

Thank you so much for considering bringing this Amazing Festival back home to the City of Miami!


Michelle Swaby-Smith

Special Events Liaison

Virginia Key Beach Park Trust


4020 Virginia Beach Drive

Miami, Fl 33149

305-960-4618 Office

954-558-9664  Cell


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