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Artist in Kansas City Bringing Attention to Local Talent

“I was shuffled around a lot in childhood.”

Corey Smith, better known as Buzz has lived a full life already, and has no plans of pausing. Only 22 years old, one of eight children Buzz was born and raised in Kansas City, MO. As a child he has lived in shelters, motels, been robbed, shot at, experiences most people have never had, but Buzz said are “regular” for a “kid in the street life.” These days Buzz is focused on his career. His upcoming show will bring together over 10 artists to perform. Tropicult sat down with him as he preps for the highli anticipated event he’s calling “New Millennials”. Read the interview below.

“I enjoy the challenges because in the end it all turns into a learning experience.”

Besides the personal challenges you have faced in life, what have been the challenges when planning your New Millennials event, and who has influenced you?

My biggest influence has always been my brother, JD. He’s always guided me to do things in a way people haven’t seen before and to be myself. Pretty much everything I am today is  because of him. He was my father figure as well as my big brother, but at the age of 12 he and another brother of mine were taken away from me. For JD it was only temporary yet my other brother is gone forever. Comparably, the challenges with planning the event come easy. I have to balance getting the artists together & still having time to get myself together! I’m performing at the show as well, and even though I am organizing the event, I’m most known for doing music. This year has been the year where people are actually calling me my artist name. Overall, I enjoy the challenges because in the end it all turns into a learning experience.

How would you describe the KC scene, and how do you go about choosing people to collaborate with or feature at an event? What do you look for?

The KC scene is crazy talented, but we get so clouded by others. Many of us know how to be great in the fields that we work in, we just try to be like others and lack not being ourselves so much that stuff starts to look unoriginal & played out. When looking for an artist to showcase, I go off of good genuine vibes when a person talk to me and seeing how serious that person is about their music career and what his/her quality and content is like. There is nothing wrong with being different. In fact, “it just may work being you.”

I agree! Being yourself, and accepting yourself is key to success and happiness. Share more more about you. How would you describe your style and what’s next for you?

My personal style is so mixed up it’s “brazy.” I feel like its unpredictable because I can switch the flows so much, hop on any topic and the content will still be authentic. In my eyes I would say my style is original. I’m proud of myself for being able to do a lot of this music stuff on my own and people actually liking it because I really only make music for myself. To put it out there and to see people relate to whatever topic or concept I got going on is great. The next project is taking this KC style to ATL and branching out to more places, working with more people, and becoming global.

Why not Miami!? Haha just kidding, I’m sure you will make it here soon. Who are you looking to collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with Bas a dreamville artist, he’s the reason i call myself buzz from a song he did with jcole back in 2013 names “Feel The Buzz”.

What do you do in your free time, and what do you see as the future of the Kansas City scene?

The future of KC scene as being the next city to have that handful or wave of artist to come out going big & making a bigger name for the city. In my free time I come up with songs and projects. Bodies of work concepts and marketing ideas to promote music. Mostly just more work!

Follow the journey of Buzz on Instagram, and if you’re in Kansas City head out to his event this weekend. Details are below.

Photos courtesy of @Vonnierasta and V.A. Media.


Saturday, July 27 2019

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