By Cabba Blee

This past Friday, Dimensions Variable celebrated 5 years with a party and fundraiser. Founded in 2009, Dimensions Variable is a contemporary art exhibition space in Downtown Miami, distinguished for its collaborative programs for artists with international institutions.


There was a silent auction featuring several reputable artists and an interactive performance piece by 3PQ (Freddy Jouwayed, Sinisa Kukec, and Stephan Tugrul) that captured patrons attention.


INTERACTIVE ART people! YES! That’s right Miami is starting to ooze out Projections and Mapping on 3D surfaces. The installation piece was a trapezoid shaped runway with projections all around. The concrete jungle that spectators were invited to walk into, was filled with plastic long pieces that showed video content. While fog seeped through the adjacent angles and made a space y2k feeling. These events bring light to Miami and keep our Basel cravings in check!