The L❤︎nely Heart’s GuideTo Eating Your Feelings

Because Being Single Means You Don't Have to Share Your Food

By Savory Sinderella

Every year, you convince yourself that Valentine’s Day is a sham; some tacky, made-up holiday which most mispronounce [it’s ValenTINE’S…TINE’S Day]. But then, you wake on the 15th, hungover from an emotional night at PeachFuzz, to a shameful display of Russell Stover’s wrappers covering your bed only to realize that being Valentine-less may have bothered you [just a little]. Objectively speaking, of course.

This year, don’t let the couples have all the culinary fun! You like foie gras, you like complimentary bubbly, and you damn well like the Chef’s short-rib ravioli special. So, skip the crappy orange filled chocolates your Abuela gave you and TREAT YO SELF. 

At the very least, you’ll be all carbed up for the slosh fest that awaits you. Cheers! To being single and eating your feelings in style!


Map   (305) 704-2900

For $150 you get a four-course meal for two, accompanied by a bottle of Solo Contigo. This offering will be available all weekend, also great for “side chick” Friday. But cheating spouses aside, Tongue & Cheek is one of my favorite restaurants and I highly recommend it.

❤︎2 BAZAAR by José Andres

Video_Feb_09_3_05_10_PM Map  (305) 455-2999

The restaurant will be serving a nine-course menu inspired by poet Pablo Neruda with dishes including rose petals with honey, cotton candy foie gras, mushroom rice with alba truffles. Single or not, this is a dope concept and cotton candy foie gras sounds like something out of Willy Wonka! The special dinner is offered from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. and is $150 per person.


Map  (305) 448-6524

Wanna get Chocolate wasted? Well, Chef Rapicavoli has joined forces with Tierra Nueva Fine Cocoa for a chocolate tasting for two [$89 per person, excluding tax and gratuity for dinner]. You can expect an all chocolate-inspired menu including things like; Crudo with cocoa butter; pumpkin with banana mole,sea scallop with fermented white chocolate, parsnip, and brown butter; beef short rib with smoked sweet potato, and a dark chocolate creme aux with roasted white chocolate and milk chocolate ice cream for dessert.


Map  (305) 704-7879

If you rather skip dinner and get straight to the booze, Lou’s is offering a great deal on St. Germain cocktails. The cocktail is  a mixture of Champagne, sparkling water, St. Germain, and a lemon twist, all served table-side. [The cocktail service for two is $32]

❤︎5 1826 RESTAURANT & LOUNGEVideo_Feb_09_3_06_18_PM

Map  (305) 763-8860

The restaurant will be dishing out a prix fixe menu including things like prime aged rib-eye, grilled oysters, and chocolate ganache accompanied by live music [$95 per person]. More importantly, artist Tony Curry will be unveiling his piece entitled the “The Proposal”.  Skip the “Notebook” and go for “The Proposal”.

Take back Valentine’s Day and make it savory, sinful and god-damn filthy!