Wynwood Art Fair Primer: Baby B Strings

Baby B Strings is a classical string quartet that likes to jam in unorthodox places. They’ve been known to play everything from Bach to The Beatles to The Beach Boys, and soon they’ll be serenading the crowds at Wynwood Art Fair. Also, see: Wynwood Art Fair Primer Series. Baby B Strings are not your average ensemble: their ongoing mission is to “reinvent the concert hall by performing in unconventional spaces,” and in doing so, they’re reinventing what it means to be classical musicians.


The Miami-based quartet has played everywhere from Churchill’s Pub to the Ocean Drive party at the Miguel Paredes Gallery to the Metromover, performing everything from classical concertos to contemporary rock ballads to their own original arrangements for often unsuspecting audiences.
The group also hosts a monthly concert series at the Lotus House for Women. The concerts, which are now in their second year, feature performances by Baby B Strings along with a new local guest artist each month to benefit the Lotus House.

@ Wynwood Art Fair

Look out for the group’s founder, violinist Belinda Ho, aka Baby B herself, performing solo around the fair on Friday and Saturday. Baby B Strings will be performing as a full quartet at the collector’s brunch on Sunday. Check out Baby B Strings’ YouTube channel for more