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Making Your "Cheat Day" Worthwhile


I know, I know, “New Year, New You” and you’ve started that new diet your friend told you about. But let’s keep it 100, we all know you cheated last weekend with something off the elusive drive-thru menu. If you haven’t, then kudos to you, but it’s only a matter of time till that “it’s the weekend” excuse pops up again.

Next time you’re headed for diet derailment skip the dollar menu, invite your pilates class and share the ultimate “cheat day” with Miami Culinary Tours. They’ll not only keep your indiscretions classy, but cost-efficient and hey, there’s some walking involved too.

Miami Culinary Tours comes in three flavors; Little Havana, Wynwood, and South Beach. But no matter which tour you choose, you’ll be sampling from 5 different restaurants with diverse menu options, and they don’t skimp on the portions or dessert. You’ll leave with 5 new restaurants under your belt, and only one cheat day on your calendar. Diets aside, if you’re a foodie seeking culinary adventure, or just looking to impress your date who suffers from culinary hubris, Miami Culinary Tours is the perfect fix. Get ready to experience new and old Miami favorites and overall food debauchery.  Oh and don’t forget your skinny friends, skinny girls get hungry too!

Little Havana

If you’re seeking Miami in its rawest of forms, Little Havana is a great choice. The guided tour starts in historic Little Havana, where you’ll get to taste the unfettered spirit of Calle Ocho.

Guarapo Juice

Expect a little history  to go along with that freshly squeezed Jugo de Guarapo (from a family owned fruteria), and the sound of bongos to accompany your traditional Cuban sandwich. You’ll be tasting age-old recipes, passed down through the generations, and prepared by the families who created them.

Explaining Malanga

This tour is perfect for the authentic Miami experience; great for your visiting friends or the pompous local who thinks they “know” Miami. So get ready to meet the locals, enjoy a cafecito, and explore the vibrant, cultural epicenter that Calle 8 encompasses.

betty little havana

Wynwood Arts District


If you’re seeking the more progressive Miami, I suggest the Wynwood Arts District tour. Over the recent years, Wynwood has transformed its barren, industrial landscape, and blossomed into a visual wonderland. Extravagant murals will serve as the backdrop for your tour while you slosh and nosh your way through the neighborhood.

Expect a diverse menu, ranging from haute cuisine to good ol’ BBQ. Oh and Fireman Derek’s pie. I have dreams about that sh*t! But I digress, this option is perfect for the art lover and the foodie alike; your tour guide will educate you in the street art and allow you to explore the galleries in between restaurants. Take in some culture along with your calories. Sounds delicious.

south Beach

The South Beach Tour is serving up food from several hidden gems on Miami Beach. So, skip the tourist traps on Ocean drive, and join Miami Culinary Tours and eat like a local. As you work up your appetite walking through the Art Deco District, architecture and history will serve as your aperitif. Your guide will explain all the fun history that embodies South Beach, while you feast on some of  Miami’s favorite hole-in-the-walls.


 Again, you can expect a broad menu, ranging from new American to Colombian. Either way the glutton in you will be satisfied, and you keep the party going after the tour with all your new fatty friends.

Grab your friends, enjoy the tours and Happy Cheat Day to all of you! A special thanks to Miami Culinary Tours. For more information, visit: they offer private tours if you prefer a more intimate  “cheat day”, and gift certificates to invite your friends along with you.


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