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5 reasons to Suckle (Even More) Wine

The tropi team decided to compile a short list of why wine is amazing.

1. Adulthood

Wine is the signature “adult” beverage. Once you’re drinking wine on a regular basis, it’s an indicator that you are likely facing adult like problems that are best avoided by drinking a glass or two of wine.  Had a long day at work, enjoy a glass of wine. Need to feel relaxed on a date but not get too trashy, there’s a wine for that! Ever find yourself going to a friends house and stopping on the way to pick up a bottle of wine? Congratulations you’re now an adult. Embrace it.

Pair your adulthood with trying the wines from Castello di Bolgheri because it comes from an actual castle. They also score in the ’90s on the James Suckling website.

Image credit Castello di Bolgheri winery

2. Science

Science is important. Chemistry is one of the sciences. Wine is chemistry. Therefore wine is important. I’ll always be grateful that I had to take a chemistry class in college. This is where my wine obsession began. Yes, I got actual college credits for learning about, making, and drinking wine. One of the things I learned was that everyone will have a different reaction to the same wine. This is because our own bodies chemistry interacting with the makeup of the wine. So while one person may get a huge hangover from a certain wine, another person wouldn’t necessarily be affected in the same way. Show an interest in science. Drink wine.

Do a science experiment with wine from San Filippo. It’s a small winery in Tuscany. Pay attention to how the wine makes your body feel!

Image credit San Filippo Winery

3. Health Benefits.

Wine contains antioxidants, it can boost your immune system, reduces the risk of stroke, heart disease, increases bone density, and lowers your cholesterol! In addition, it makes you happy, and happiness is good for your health. Enjoying it with friends makes it good for your mental health, and using it as a de-stressor from time to time is also great! Pairing wine with other destressing activities like this wine, chocolate, and yoga event on Valentines Day allows you to triple down on the benefits!

4. Conversation.

Remember those? Before text messaging was a thing people had them. Talking about wine, while drinking wine. Talking about going to drink wine. Wine goes great with any topic. The topic of wine just in itself makes a great conversation. Discussing the different flavors, and scents. One reason why I love the James Suckling wine tasting is you get to chat with wine experts from around the world who really know what they’re talking about.

Grab your bestie, and a bottle from the Elena Watch collection, another featured winery at James Suckling Grand Tasting, and practice your conversation skills.

The ladies of Elena Watch Winery image credit

5. Wine Lips.

Most of the buzz on the internet is about how to get rid of wine lips, but we say embrace it! Au natural lip color! Yes, please. Of course, this only happens if you drink red wine and a lot of it.

Image credit: Ilaria Petitto – copyright of Donnachiara


Have your own reasons why you love wine? Send them to [email protected], maybe we’ll add them to the list! Featured image credit: Kate Hush

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