Body/Head'sExperimental Noise

Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami | The 365 Party

It was beautiful to experience watching an experimental noise band play in a place that is not a bar or a house show.

Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth) and Bill Nace (X.O.4)’s Body/Head project is opening music scenes across the country in the most natural way. They played their set after DJ Holy Ghost.


I was standing in the front of the stage at the ICA creeping some pictures and videos of the two brilliant artists thinking how awesome it is that all these people that have probably never seen a performance like this before were standing in the crowd and opening their minds to something new. I was wrong because when I turned around, half of the crowd was gone and I was pretty disappointed by Miami for it.

Nonetheless, it was amazing to know the ICA opened their space for their performance and that Body/Head killed it the whole time they were on stage. Before watching them live I came across their album Coming Apart on Spotify and blasted it while I read, I love how unexpected it is and how different they are from everything that’s popular.


I’m a person with a lot of feelings and Kim’s lyrics have always expressed a lot of subjects that are relatable when she played in Sonic Youth and still now with Body/Head. Their use of sticking as a guitar duo playing with a variety of different pedals was really fun to watch and I it didn’t miss anything else.












Saturday, November 21 2015

Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami & Cartier in celebrate the museum’s first year in the Miami Design District with THE 365 PARTY —a night of dancing & experimental music, and a blow-out block party.

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