Call to Music:Tune In& Turn Up

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The Miami music scene is as diversified as those whom it is made up of. Within the city’s endless neighborhoods hide talented artists yearning for a sense of union. This week at Sidebar, as a means to provide local musicians a stage to express their kaleidoscope of talent, The Prism Music Group is pleased to introduce Call to Music: Tune In & Turn Up, presented by Rock the Moon productions and Afrohead Premium Dark Aged Rum.

More than an open call for bands and artists, Call to Music will be a 3-day celebration of Miami’s auditory catalogue, showcasing its breadth in an entirely new capacity. Over 20 local acts will be paired with prominent artists from the Miami area to create a distinctive fusion of music that will be occurring for the very first time. These sonic pairings will be filmed and recorded live, from which the footage will then serve as content for the musicians’ own dispersal, as well as material to secure potential performance opportunities.

“Miami’s music scene has always been a strange one. It has interesting little pockets that are based on genre, location, or even venues that artists frequently play. Unfortunately, that’s not really conducive to collaboration, and with so many incredibly talented people in one area, collaboration should definitely be a focus! What’s so unique about Call To Music, is that it brings about an unique blend of sounds from the very start—there’s no other option. Each artist is paired with either a house band of local musicians or another prominent artist from the Miami area to create a distinctive fusion of music that will be occurring for the very first time.” Zach Larmer, Musician

The daily filmings will include original music and creative renditions by such local favorites as Elastic Bond, The Wynwoods, Tomas Diaz (Spam-Allstars), Afro-Kif (Suenalo! and Electric Kif), Xperimento, Javier Garcia, Zach Larmer, Scratch Academy, Patrick & The Swayzees and more performing marketable sounds like 40s Crooners, Motown, Amy Winehouse, Simon & Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, The Police, Manu Chao, Buena Vista Social Club among others. Afrohead Rum will serve as the on-site eyes and ears for those not able to attend from the “Afrohead Rum Live Band Lounge”, capturing behind-the-scenes footage, holding press panels and engaging in intimate artist interviews.

“To me it feels like we’re currently in a situation where we’re experiencing a music scene built entirely of primary colors, each beautiful in their own way, but totally isolated. Through Call To Music, Miami is about to experience the entire color wheel for the first time, and I couldn’t be more happy to see so many beautiful artists come together to make this happen.” Zach Larmer

As the screenings come to a close on Thursday, September 10th, Call to Music: Tune In & Turn Up will then open its doors to the city for the ultimate celebration. In the early evening, a creative meet-up and happy hour will take place at Sidebar with a live performance by Magic City Hippies and Afrohead Rum cocktails.

“The other interesting angle that this event provides is the opportunity for artists to have these great musical moments captured and produced by a wonderful audio and video team. As a musician and also a music director for a few venues around town, I’ve seen both sides of the picture. The content that is going to come from Call To Music will allow local artists to have strong materials to bring to venues, ones that people of all types can truly connect with. This will extend the spirit of collaboration, not just between the musicians but also between the artists and the venues, which will bridge a gap that has existed for a long time. Because of this, local venues will be able to host performances by amazing fusions of local acts that haven’t been heard before, and artists will be able to share their music more often in a live setting.”  Zach Larmer

Then, the night will take an entertaining turn as ArtOfficial and Locos Por Juana take the stage for a much-anticipated performance. All three acts are also participating in the daily screenings, continuing the dedication to offer musicians the opportunity to challenge themselves and the way music is exposed in our community.  The Tune In & Turn Up events are free and 21+, RSVP is required.