CUL✝ Trends:Peachfuzz x Catwalk

Grand Central / Winter Music Conference / Miami Music Week / 2k15

I went up to the Garret a few times WMC weekend looking for free drinks and cool people, and luckily I found both.


Found this dude early in the night chilling in a corner waiting for Brodinski to come on. I thought it was interesting  how his outfit didn’t really fit in with the crowd, or even his friends, yet he obviously didn’t give a fuck about it. I love that, much respect. Why fit in when you can stand out.

DSC02069 (1) DSC02069 (1)


This girl is just pure awesome. Her whole look from head to toe was a 90s dream done right.

From her high ponytail down to her CK crop top and white sneakers and socks. She is a good time girl and I loved it! She got her free Becks beer, she got her cocktail and she’s ready to hit the floor.

Now, on to the Catwalk…


This group was giving me some real 90s club kid vibes the entire night. I was SO into it. I’m not completely sure what it is about the late 90s early 2000s aesthetic that excites me so. I think it’s the combination of looking like you care and then acting like you don’t care or vice versa. Honestly at that moment I wasn’t sure if I should take their picture or ask them if I could join their squad. The trend for summer 2015 is well-dressed posses in the club giving no fucks, I’m calling it now. #SquadUp


These two were giving me everything that night. His transparent striped shirt,  those leather overalls! Her pink dress and fluffy coat! Most of all those BUFFALO boots! These are the kind of looks that plenty of people wish they could pull off but can’t.  I did not even tell them to pose like this, they just did it on their own! The site of them was like every late ’90s early ’00s club kid dream I’ve ever had, but IRL and right in front of me, and I lived for it.

Another posse just sitting around (I’m telling you this is the new trend for the year : 90s posse in the club realness).

Caught these two looking very dapper in all black.


I’m really into how they both have an androgynous look going on but in opposite ways. Gooddroid has a bit of an edgy monochromatic baseball player look going on while*Bonnie Beats is giving more of a sleek biker meets R&B singer vibe. Either way they both look awesome and both kept the crowd moving all night

(along with guest dj Vjan Allure).

Now in commemoration  of this being the last catwalk in Miami  😥  enjoy this barrage of vougers dancing intensely.




Yes gawd

“Shes feeling her pu**y”