Live at The Broward Center for the Performing Arts


Simply put,  John Mellencamp killed it with his performance at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale, earlier this week.

The opening act, Carlene Carter, whose momma was married to the legendary “Man In Black” Mr. Johnny Cash. Carlene Carter took the stage solo with a single spotlight shining on her. The crowd watched and listened in awe to the vivid storytelling in her songs, hanging on the anecdotes in between. You can hear the impact and influence of her late stepdaddy had on her musically.


John Mellencamp walked on stage to a packed theater of thunderous applause and cheers and the show just got better and better with each song. With over 30 years in the music industry and countless top ten hits, he put on one helluva show. His brand of rock/folk/heartland rock definitely speaks to people of all ages. I have and always will be a fan. Through his songs, which reflect America and all of its struggles in the heartland, and in the working class, he is the perfect voice.

As a founding member of Farm Aid, and still an active participant at their annual concert, he is one of the few artists who has endured the musical changes and styles and still manages to captivate audiences new, and old. For a guy in his early 60’s he still knows how to make the ladies swoon and keep the crowd dancing and singing. If you get a chance in your life, he is one of those legendary artists that you will be glad you had the opportunity to see perform live.

This was my first show I had the privilege of photographing at the Broward Center. I’m glad another great venue has opened its doors to live concert performances of different genres. The place is beautiful and the staff is fantastic. The following night, they had Elvis Costello perform and on the 28th, Sarah McLachlan is scheduled to perform. Go check out a show there. Always support live music!

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