Fuel YourInspiration!

5 Mobile Apps that Inspire Creativity

Do you have a camera on you? Of course you do. It’s 2015! The real question is, what can you actually do with it? Besides taking selfies, that is.

With that in mind, South Florida Ford and FilmGate present the Fordista MicroFilm Contest.

   How to Enter the Fordista Micro-Film Contest 

Fordistas Micro Film Contest is open to everyone, from absolute pros to total noobs. By now, most of you probably have at least a couple of years of practice, considering most of us have been shooting and sharing photos and videos constantly, ever since we got our hands on our first smartphones. Nevertheless, you’ll need to get a bit more creative to win… 

Here are a few useful apps with great tools to “fuel your inspiration” and help you take home that $1k:


iMovie is powerful and easy to use. You can access videos straight from iCloud and edit right on your iOS Photos app! Crop, merge, filter, and add music to your videos intuitively with Apple’s multi-touch gestures.

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If you capture an awesome video that’s too wide for Instagram, you don’t need to compromise. Instasize frames your photos and videos for Instagram. This app is a must-have considering that the Fordista Film Contest entries must be uploaded to Instagram. Here’s to not being forced to crop! Take that Instagram!

APP STORE  Play Store


Diptic’s new video app provides several layouts to create dynamic video collages. Trim videos and add filters right from this app.  You can also customize by adding your own music. Hmm…now there’s an interesting thought! 😉



Afterlight is particularly fun. You can choose from several textures to create different effects and customize with different frames. Afterlight also comes fully equipped with pro-tools for more advanced photographers/videographers.



Vsco Cam is famous for its professional presets and advanced camera controls. Explore Apple’s World Gallery which features many images and videos edited with the Vsco Cam app  (while you’re at it, learn a few tips from people around the world).



Use more than one app to enhance your video.

For dynamic results, process photos/videos through more than one app, changing/adding different elements within each.

Mobile apps usually specialize in a particular aspect of editing. Get creative! 

FORDISTAS MICRO-FILM CONTEST: Entries must be uploaded to Instagram by April 30, 2015 (11:59PM ET). Select finalists will be featured during a special screening of I’m Not Gonna Move to LA (NOLA). A committee of South Florida filmmakers will gather around the screen to decide the fate of your entries. Three winners will be awarded $1,000 each. OFFICIAL RULES | WEBSITE