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Your 2k15 Guide to FilmGate Interactive Conference

By Nicole Martinez


We are in the midst of an interactive revolution and FilmGate invites YOU to dive in. Join the next generation of transmedia storytellers for a week long series of dynamic events and unique workshops.

Connect, get inspired, create, be part of the innovative multimedia landscape of the third annual Filmgate Interactive Conference!


Saturday, January 31, 7 PM  Miami Light Project  Tickets

Join Filmgate + Miami Light Project for a little teaser of what’s to come during your week-long love affair with Transmedia with a kick-ass, kickoff party on January 31st! Free with Filmgate passes, the Filmgate Interactive Kick-Off Party will have everything from interactive DJ sets, dance performances, art installations to cafecito Cubano and even some salsa-dancing to ignite the fires within.

Performers: Otto Von SchirachOctavio Campos, WildChildWorldMarissa Alma Nick


Monday, February 26:30PM  O Cinema  Tickets

Come support talented 305 locals at O, Cinema for the “Best of” Indie Film Club’s monthly short film competition I’m Not Gonna Move to L.A. (NOLA) These monthly screenings give local talent a cinematic platform to showcase their work. For this year’s FilmGate Interactive, all of the winning films of the year will screen in one final round, and the winner of NOLA 2014 will be determined by audience vote (i.e. hurling stuffed animals at the director!) and receive the PINK KRAKEN AWARD. Full  Program


Experience new talent, be part of the movement #stayMIA


Tuesday, February 3, 7PM  Miami Light Project  Tickets

MelanchoLalaland is a 21st century interpretation of traditional opera, theater, and dance fused with experimental visual storytelling, set to an electronic music score. The masterminds behind this tech-opera are FAU professor and composer, Joey Bargisten, and writer, Thea Zimmer. This tragic comedic story, follows three artist/engineers as they design mind-altering experiences, enhanced by self-pleasuring technologies, and a variety of brain chemicals, as they deal with disgruntled employees, corporate takeovers, dissatisfied girlfriends, and cheesy space-aliens. A less stuffy 21st century opera with space aliens, mind-altering experiences, and electronic music? Count us in!


Wednesday, February 4, 7PM  O Cinema  Tickets

What will America look like in 10, 15, even 20 years? Futurestates, the revolutionary series produced by ITVS, has been proposing answers to these questions since 2010. For its fifth and final season, Futurestates is presented as an immersive online video experience featuring short films that imagine robots with feelings, what education looks like in a wired world, and the future of prisons and our penal system. The central question at the heart of Futurestates is how technologies we may take for granted have a profound effect on our capacity to feel, create, live–BE HUMAN.

After the screening of FutureStates, attendees are invited to Bardot for an evening of music by local faves: Hunters of the Alps and YNOT.


 Loews Hotel South Beach  Friday, February 6, Noon-5PM  Register 

+ Saturday, February 7, 10AM-6PM  Register

With over 7,000 square feet of exhibitor space,  whether you’re a film aficionado or a novice, we hope you’ll find that the Tech Playground lives up to the hype. Exhibitors will be creating live studio sets with industry experts ready to guide you through the latest in film innovations. Attendees will have the opportunity to handle and experiment with cameras, lens, lights, and other production equipment. By the end of the tour, you will have first-hand knowledge gained from gear operated during the set. This year, Filmgate will feature the biggest names in film technology, including Canon, Sony, Schneider Optics, Kessler, Manfrotto and even local businesses such as Wynwood Brewing Company. With a studio set and live actors, you will have the opportunity to operate and experiment with cameras, lenses, lens accessories, dollies and cranes. View the feed of your dream camera on the finest video monitors available. Expert Staff from all participating manufacturers will be on hand to guide you through the features and answer your questions. Take notes and make sure to let your producer know to put this on your next shoot!


Sunday, February 8, 1-3PM  Miami Beach Cinematheque  Tickets

Walk to the Fifth Street lifeguard stand on South Beach at 5:15 pm any day. You will see a bearded, long-haired shirtless man wearing black shorts, one black glove, and a headband that’s black, too. People call him the “Raven,” and he’s been standing in front of that lifeguard stand at that time for the last forty years, getting ready for his eight-mile jog up and down the beach. That’s right—Raven has run eight miles on the sands of South Beach every day since 1975, through concussions, hurricanes, food poisoning, animal attacks, hail and high water. And he’s still going.


Saturday, February 7 – Sunday, February 8, 8PM-12AM The Carlton  Tickets

If Filmgate Interactive is a celebration of the human narrative and our interaction with the digital world then Jacqueries Part 1 is a celebration of the human form within 2 realms: physical and digital. Inspired by how Parkour co-opts urban space, this performance exhibition invites attendees to travel from scene to scene with the individual performers throughout undisclosed South Beach locations as they tell their story. Jacqueries is the story of a political heist–a tale of conspiracy, security theater, and solidarity. Attendees will follow the narrative as they are linked by a custom iPhone app and playing synchronized sound with 3D video overlays, “almost like being in your own video game” as Michael Crabb says. Please note that this performance piece is a celebration of all human forms–so attendees with any disabilities are urged to contact Filmgate organizers, guaranteed to provide all people with the best quality experience!


 Art Deco Welcome Center  Tuesday, February 3 – Sunday, February 8, 9AM-5PM  Register

Set in post-meltdown Fukushima, The Invisible Season is a feature length film and web doc that chronicles the lives of nuclear fallout victims who rather than abandon the land they know and love, remained knowing all too well the depth of their consequences.


This exhibit serves to be a testament to the resilience and the humanity of Fukushima’s residents while painting an all-too-real portrait of people who strive to hold on to their identities and to their heritage in the face of the nuclear wasteland that was once their home. This interactive exhibit will be showcasing scenes from Fukushima, the tsunami that ravaged its coast, documentation of rising sea levels, and other resulting issues. This is one exhibit that seeks to make attendees confront the realities of rising sea levels during an age of progression and technology.

Learn more about the creators Jake Price, Visakh Menon, Masayuki Sono and Ostap Rudakevych here.


Sunday, February 8, 8PM-11PM The Betsy  Register

Attend the Filmgate Closing Party where you’ll be invited to step inside Runaway Jane’s head and encounter her fears, her passions. and hopes. Runaway Jane incorporates interactive elements to draw attendees into Jane’s world.  Gianfranco Bianchi has curated performances by Vikkerious, and live music by Amigo the Devil, as patrons watch Jane struggle with curbing her primal desire to be free and roam the world without the trivial pursuits that distract us from the things that we truly want. In essence, this showing seeks to question conventional narratives where we can see “Jane” dream of another life. The event will end with a screening of the short film Runaway Jane.


Friday, February 6, 7PM-10PM Upstairs 27 @Freehand  Register

logo3The first project of The Skin Deep, {The And} is an interactive documentary that explores the dynamics of modern relationships by placing the audience into the emotional space of the featured couples (yikes!). Merging interactive elements such as, website design, innovative story-telling, and filmmaking, this documentary seeks to provide a unique perspective on various human relationships. The makers of this innovative documentary will create an experience at FilmGate Interactive that reflects the spirit of the {The And}. Attendees of the event the experience of being both a participant and a viewer,  using a self-selecting method of audience participation and minimal technology, we explore what connects us.

The makers of this innovative documentary will create an experience at FilmGate Interactive that reflects the spirit of the {The And}. Attendees of the event the experience of being both a participant and a viewer,  using a self-selecting method of audience participation and minimal technology, we explore what connects us.


Sunday, February 8, 4PM-7PM Miami Beach Cinematheque  Tickets

If Miami is to move forward in cultural development, we must first look at our past. This original WLRN documentary tells the story of how two musical geniuses created the first black-owned record label in Florida and changed the face of soul music in Miami forever. This film explores the early days of soul music in Florida, the era’s pioneers and their lasting contributions to the broader American musical landscape. From the back room of Johnny’s Record Store located in Overtown, they went on to change the sound of soul music in Miami and eventually the country.