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Bloodlines cross and converge as nuclear fallout survivors live through Japan’s nuclear winter, resulting in a chronicle of, and a testament to, the humanity of the Fukushima residents in the face of unspeakable odds

Set in post meltdown Fukushima nearly four years after the calamitous meltdown. The Invisible Season, a feature length film and web doc creates an impassioned portrait of a quartet of residents as they strive to hold on to their identity and ancestral heritage while the spectre of nuclear fallout looms over them. Rather than abandon the land they love, they have decided to remain, accepting the consequences of their fateful decisions.


Scenes from Fukushima and the tsunami battered coast will be projected onto multiple screens of translucent mesh, creating an immersive scene of abandoned coastal areas of Japan.

The exhibit will feature videos of survivor testimony, documentation of rising sea levels, and the issues we all face due to the rising waters. While the devastation caused in Northern Japan was due to a Tsunami, owing to seismic make forces, the region is coping with global rising sea levels, an issue that effects every coastal community throughout the globe.


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