Mr. Pauer x Friends: Rhythms for a New Tropical Generation

Miami, lace those dancing shoes on for a night of “baile y rumba” as the new sounds of Latin urban music set to ignite the dance floor at The Garret aflame on Thursday, October 30th for the #CulturaDura tour. Presented by Remezcla + Mike’s HARDER as part of an 8-city tour, the event Electropico will showcase “the next wave of Latin music” with performers like Mr. Pauer, Bonnie Beats, Dale Dale, and DJ Chato for a night of fused vibes and a glimpse into the 305’s future.

Collectively, these performers represent a new generation in touch with their roots and paying homage to their culture and musical influences with one message in mind: BAILA! Electropico + Cultura Dura boasts one solid lineup that will spice up your Halloween weekend. We can’t think of a better way to kick off your Halloween festivities than with DJs embracing their roots and boldly forging new local culture.

Mr. Pauer 

pauerpowerIf the future of music in the 305 comes with sun-burnt vibes and a new interpretation of what it means to be Hispanic-American, it’s no wonder that the Latin Grammy-nominated Mr. Pauer (Toto Gonzalez) is considered to be a pioneer in leading the movement.

Electropico, his take on electronic fusion, combines tropical rhythms ranging from cumbia, merengue, dancehall, salsa with “electronic manipulation” to give birth to a unique sound that “is the next wave on the urban scene”. Mr. Pauer’s highly dynamic and danceable beats are his interpretation of the sounds all around him, the sounds of his culture.

To him, “Electropico” is the sound of a movement–one that will shatter stereotypes about Latin culture, create a new, proud cultural identity, and best of all one that will “build a space for the masses…with no discrimination.” After all, the beauty of Miami comes from sharing our most precious cultural treasures!

Bonnie Beats 

bonnie beatsAlso reppin’ the Magic City and curating electric vibes will be local powerhouse Bonnie Beats. One of Miami’s rising stars, Bonnie Beats prides herself in being a “musical chameleon” with influences that range from Caribbean soul, Latin jazz, and Motown to contemporary sounds reminiscent of French House and Deep House. Her versatility on the decks paired with an edgy and impeccable sense of style have landed her gigs with MTV, Redbull, and most recently Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

According to Bonnie, she’s all about taking you to that “feel good place” which explains why Miami can’t get enough of her! But what makes Bonnie Beats so clutch to the new wave of the Latin urban scene? In 2010, Bonnie got her start writing on her own music and fashion blog that would later be recognized by **Vice** magazine called **Behind Color Bars**. Her blog sought to keep her local community in touch with all things cool and edgy thus building a reputation as someone who “creates movements”.

Check-out this track “Pero like Twerk” –the first of the “Pero like” series which no doubt pokes fun at Miami sayings and shows her multifaced music persona:

Dale dale 

Looking for something a little sultry yet danceable then John Henry Dale aka Dale Dale, has your back! A DJ, skilled drummer, and even music producer, Dale Dale hails from West Virginia and although he isn’t a Miami native, Dale digs deep to bring a curatorial approach to the music he plays.

His “Summer Blisco Mix” might sound like summer but it’s his sexy cool vibes that will have you busting a sweat. He might have only a few months living in the Magic City but he’s already landed a residency at La Mar located in the Mandarin Oriental spinning his mix of Afro-Peruvian Jazz and Funk, Electro-Cumbia, and Latin Electronic music spanning from all across the Americas. What makes his residency so special? Dale Dale likes to incorporate live remixing and Latin electronic percussion using Ableton during his sets! Not bad for the Miami newbie so down miss his premier set at the Garret!

DJ Chato 

Who also to expect? Experimental electronic artist DJ Chato will be throwing down his sounds and beats inspired by the likes of Led Zeppelin and Steve Vaughn Ray to name some. Using his Latin background to his advantage, DJ Chato incorporates tribal and African rhythms into his sets. Chato’s sounds combine moombahton, “global bass”, and futuristic soundscapes to get that booty shaking!

Electropico #CulturaDura

Thursday | October 30 | 11PM | The Garret

Mr. Paur + Bonnie Beats + Dale Dale + Chato

Complimentary Drinks from Mike’s HARDER