Dopedoll Chronicles: Ashley Wynn

Photo By Omare Haynes

By Vanessa Haim

Influenced by such rock acts like Aerosmith, Gram Parsons and Guns and Roses, Florida born model and artist Ashley Wynn shares a love of music that reflects in her edgy looks and style.

Currently signed with Click Models Atlanta, The Green Agency, Benz Models Tampa, and represented by Parts Models NYC, this dopedoll has a passion for writing, traveling and creating rock inspired collages.

In her recent Miami stop, I had the opportunity to shoot with Ashley for Dopedoll Vintage and got to know her a little more…

You’re a gal of all traits, a model, writer, cook and artist. What other hobbies keep you level headed in the high paced fashion industry?

Visiting museums and art galleries. Practicing contortions and dance. DIY arts and crafts. Blogging, baking, golfing, guitar & writing comedy sketches with friends.

She’s Crafty” is your blog. What crafty projects have you been working on this year?

I have been working with an artist Marcelo Daldoce on various projects. A painting of me was featured in Playboy Brazil’s May 2013 issue and I shot the cover for an NYC-based craft-beer magazine, which will feature me in a punk-inspired painting.

With Art Basel around the corner, any upcoming collaborations and plans?

Other projects with friends from Miami’s art community will be released at this year’s Art Basel. I’m looking forward to seeing JeanPaul Mallozzi‘s newest pieces and Ernesto Kunde‘s art installation we collaborated on.

You mentioned you used to work for a country rock station, what are your top 5 artist #nowplaying?

Crosses, The Hold Steady, Mott the Hoople, Black Crowes & The Stranglers.

Name the one item in your wardrobe you just can’t live without.

My black push-up bra. I’m a lingerie junkie but a total tomboy. It makes me feel feminine and confident in a band tee and Justin boots.

Ashley Wynn

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