Art WeekInsights

By Robert Nevel

"Precarious Voyage" Beau StantonThe last time I went to out during Art Week was in 2005. A Spanish rock band I was in played under a tent somewhere. There were lots of people and free wine, and everyone was trying to be very hip. We played an ok set with horrible sound by a washed up sound guy named Jon who smoked us out to a semi-decent regs joint. That was the evening’s highlight. None of the art really captured my attention, and there was a touch of snootiness in the air. I hated it. However, I believe in second chances. This year I’m returning to change my perspective and really dig into the art for some substance.

Atelier 1022

Of course on the to-do list is the incredible Atelier 1022 enjoying it’s last event before moving a block or so away. The incredible, fantastical drawings of Ellie Perla are sure to draw in anyone wise enough to stop by the gallery – it’s on 29th and 2nd Avenue, slightly off the beaten path but well worth the extra five minute or less walk.

Joining Ellie’s work are the enchanting photographs by her daughter Susi Perla, and partner Carlos Rodriguez-Feo. Both will be showing new photographs for Art Basel. Ellie’s daughter Carola Perla, an author, will also be displaying her detailed and painstakingly made paper installations.

Adding to that will be my first time at the SCOPE which is now located on Miami Beach. What caught my attention on the Scope website was a preview for “Message in a Bottle” by painter Beau Stanton. His eery and psychedelic paintings have gotten him featured in art publications such as Warholian and Juxtapoz, and it’s easy to see why.

"Pink Elephant" Ellie Perla

His paintings do a good job of grabbing one’s attention, and the concept for his SCOPE exhibit does the same.

“Visitors are invited into a maritime ship chandlery, where contemporary artists have created their own message for the ages, captured inside bottles and waiting to be unlocked by their new owners.”

That concept blew my mind at first read, and Stanton’s animation will be on display to anchor the whole experience. I’m not quite sure what to expect, but there seems to be a video installation involved which should illustrate the concept even more.

This year’s Art Week holds tons of promise and plenty to be seen. Expect more reviews of exhibits and fairs here on Tropicult – before, during, and after the event.