Deaf Poets’ Red Wagon EP

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Deaf Poets is a Miami-based hard rocking duo that has been gradually blowing up and recruiting fans as they gig around town. Drummer, Nicolas Espinoza, and guitarist/singer, Sean Wouters, create a unique and brash brand of punky, bluesy garage rock that effortlessly gets stuck in one’s head.

Tropicult got the chance to sit down with Nicolas to discuss the EP, and their future plans…

Ever since the early 2000’s, 2-pieces have been a more prevalent arrangement for bands. Their new EP, Red Wagon, is set to release their style of loudness farther than the local scene – an ambition helped by their first tour, which will be taking them as far as Boston.

To hear rock and roll revitalized once again, give Deaf Poets a listen. This preview track from their upcoming EP embody’s everything hooky and fun about this rough-edged duo. It leaves you wanting more, and sets up the introduction of what seems like it will be one of the hardest hitting rock releases of 2013 in Miami.

Listen to “Degenerate Minds” from the upcoming Red Wagon EP right here…

What led you to make your band a 2-piece?

The primary reason was to detach ourselves from depending on other people.  We used to be in a 5-piece before this project and we found ourselves playing music just us two while waiting for other members to show up to practice. This band was just a pastime, once the other project fell apart we kept this going.

What are some of the musical and non-musical influences on what you do?

Our influences musically shift constantly. We are always listening to new music and rediscovering bands that influenced us when we were younger. Anything from  Black Sabbath and Ramones to newer bands like BRMC and Tame Impala. Comedy is a huge influence in what I do. Making someone laugh and show them a good time makes what I do all worth it. I wish I can be as a great entertainer as Louis C.K or Ricky Gervais.

How did you record your EP?

We recorded our EP digitally at our makeshift studio. We sound treated a room inside this broken down house that has been our rehearsal spot for over a year. We did a mixture of both live recordings and separate track. We wanted to capture the energy of some songs so we went live.


You guys have a strong social media presence. How do you feel that social media has helped your band get to the level is has? Which social media outlets are most effective?

It is the most efficient and easiest way to reach out to people and share our experience. We are always in the lookout for new outlets that can help us attract more followers. I think Instagram has been the most effective for us. We can share images and videos of our performances and our daily life. Since everything is linked up together we usually start from Instagram and spread the content to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

What about BUFU records made it the label you decided to work with on this upcoming release?

Ben Katzman is a really close friend of ours and we’ve played music together for years. They’re doing awesome releases as well as developing a name in the Boston scene. We’ve played in Boston and the reception was incredible, so we had to  do something with BUFU. We will be releasing 100 limited edition tapes with 4 tracks form the upcoming album.

How do you feel that developing your band in Miami has shaped your sound?

Miami is such a big multicultural city with lots of competition in the entertainment business. There are so many options for entertainment that you have to make yourself memorable so people choose you for their outlet. So we want to make music that’s fun and easy to listen to. We want to translate our energy to the crowd and have them get loose with us.

After this first tour and EP release, what are your plans for the future?

Non-stop touring and develop the new ideas we are currently working on.

As a 2-piece, do you work for a bigger sound on stage? If so, what kind of equipment or methods do you use to project a full sound during live performances?

Sean relies on his pedal board to produce a fuller sound from his guitar. A lot of work with distortion and octave pedals. I try and keep a full sound with my drumming by using large cymbals and tune my drums the lowest possible. I try and write parts that complement the song without doing too much.


Deaf Poet’s Red Wagon EP release date and tour kick-off show is on November 22nd at Churchill’s PubFacebook Event