Most art openings and cultural events end right when you start getting your groove on — sad but true. This weekend, The Vagabond and Tropicult are joining forces with local artist and merchants to keep the art of drinking alive and radiating on the dance floor.


Sterling ‘Artist of the Month’ Opening Reception

The Vagabond, Downtown nightclub and local arts and culture supporters, present the infamous weekly Saturday extraveganza with your hostess vixen and legen, Back Door Bamby. In accordance with their Second Saturday ‘Artist of the Month’ program, The Vagabond will be unveiling the work of September’s ‘Artist of the Month’ Sterling

Inspired by growth and movement in nature, Sterling uses natural rhythms to bring a chaotic yet harmonious balance to his work by pouring, pulling and dripping paint and ultimately creating organic artworks of explosive color, pattern and form.

Meet and greet Sterling at the opening reception on Saturday, September 8th at 10PM in The Vagabond’s bar room. Enjoy an hour of complimentary Perrier and Absolut Vodka cocktails. Early arrival a must!

If the 14th street construction has kept you from The Vagabond for the last few months, get ready to be pleasantly surprised by the sprouting trees on the new sidewalks, along the freshly paved roads!

If you haven’t been out there since July, head over to the main room where Frank Hyder’s three-dimensional luminary installation conveys a unique perspective through an unconventional form of art in the nightclub scene.

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The Artisans Garden

Saturday, September 8th Tropicult is taking over The Vagabond’s Second Saturday garden scene to host the second installment of The Artisans Garden.

The Artisans Garden will feature art and video installations, local handmade goods, and of course, The Smoke-Out BBQ by Mary & Mo, firing-up the grill nice and early in order to better satisfy your alcohol or otherwise induced munchies.

Deon Rubi

Deon Rubi, the brainchild of art director, photographer, and visual communicator Lucila Garcia de Onrubia, produces dynamic jewelry designs with vintage, recycled, or discarded materials, carefully and consciously crafted into objects you can wear.

Deon Rubi’s construction process is organic and intuitive, her methods are both her biggest burden and her greatest resolve. If one thing’s for sure, it’s that her custom pieces and limited editions are the best local alternative to the mass-produced.

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Cabba Blee & Inlet

Professional make-up artist, Cabba Blee prefers to apply her extraordinary skills for collaborative art and film projects.

Don’t get me wrong, she can have you looking like a movie star on any given day or for special occasion but since her return to Miami after a few years studying abroad, she has been focusing on her passion for installation and concept design.

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For The Artisans Garden Ana Maria Morales aka Cabba Blee is working with her creative counterpart Elisabel Serrano Garcia aka Ilet. Art Day patrons are invited to preview the video installation, a year in the making — Inlakech.

“We have to bring the knowledge of these terms to each corresponding body — Inlakech is the unity of all.”

You may want to hit up the Midtown Smoke Shop booth before diving into this one!

Midtown Smoke Shop

Forget your supplies at home? Fret not! Gustavo Guerra and Victor Ruiz, owners of the Midtown Smoke Shop will be ready and willing to spark it up! Don’t smoke? Don’t hate! Naturally, we’ve invited the Midtown Smoke Shop to return to The Artisans Garden to provide merchants and patrons alike with a one-stop shop for all things toke.

The Midtown Smoke Shop has become well-known for being an active community supporter since they first opened their doors in November 2011. They continuously exhibit artworks by local artist and have hosted charity benefits at the shop. Spark up a fresh cigars, grab a dope glass blown pipe or shoot the shit with the guys for a bit!


We would now like to take this opportunity to introduce Frankleidoscope Sunglasses! Launched earlier this year by our friends and entrepreneurs, Frankie Guzman aka dj wOozles and local artist Malarkey. Their company has established a solid artistic vision by displaying their shades on miniature floating doors at several local stores around town; including one of our favs — Sweat Records.


Frankleidoscope is more than just a sunglasses company; it is a portal of stimulations for individual imaginations. The brands inner vision is a world with a better vision, a kaleidoscope of creativity and innovation and all are welcome this Saturday to experience their wonderful world of imagination.

LAW: Fashion House

LAW Fashion House is an agency created to connect, collaborate, and last but not least — produce. LAW Fashion House founder and fairy princess, Lauren Ann Wolfe, recognizes the difficulties of Miami’s competitive fashion industry and is focused on helping other local artist and designers with planning, developing, or executing fashion projects and collaborations.

For the The Artisans Garden, LAW Fashion House is bringing together two talented artist, Eliana Hamer and Beto Sanchez. Eliana Hamer, photographer, illustrator and designer, works with abstract designs and shapes, incorporating enviro-friendly and recyclable materials to her pieces.‏

Eliana is creating manequins to present her latest collection of lovely corsets for the LAW Fashion House installation. Beto Sanchez, also in cahoots with LAW Fashion House, is a local multimedia visual artist coming out to showcase some of his works at The Artisans Garden.

Take a peek at some of Beto Sanchez’s work:


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