Indie By Trade:Cabba Blee

Ana Maria Morales aka Cabba Blee

bodyart_2-256x400Forget your mom’s hairstylist and hook up with a local independent hair and makeup professional that will give you a funky fresh look. Free from the constraints of salon hours of operation and payment policies, they may be able to squeeze you before that hot date tonight.

Don’t know any? We’ll hook you up…

Ana Maria Morales has traveled far and wide to perfect her trade. She spent the last few years in Madrid learning the art of makeup, body paint, hair,  and  set design while on several collaborative projects including short films, professional photo shoots and conceptual art designs.

“The road is the adventure.”

bodyart_1-263x400Currently, she’s is back in the 305 working independently under Compressed Art Folders from which she offers services ranging from installations and concept designs to photography and of course, she does an extraordinary job getting you all made-up. Ana Maria Morales offers her make-up services not only for collaborative art and film projects but also to the public so that you too may look like a movie star on any given day or for special occasion.

Skin Care Tips from Cabba Blee

  1. Refresh for me its all about rejuvenating every second of the day. When you feel weathered spray the mist and your up again. Personal Fav (Lavender FLOWER WATER * whole foods) being at ease is so much hotter than being stressed.
  2. Cover Up  No need to put a mask. Beauty is with all of us, cover the blemishes with a tint two shades lighter, there is no need for the entire face for two blemishes.
  3. Pucker-Up Corvette red is so tiring to see over and over again, make your new red burgundy and see what differences you make. nude lips, make your pink the nude lip so sexy and the 60’s are back.
  4. Keep It Simple the simple way of not getting wrinkles is taking care of your skin which is the hottest thing we own.
  5. Moisturize Cracked skin is not hot any day of the week. Any will do! You do not have to buy the most expensive one at whole foods just make sure you get the one that is best for you! Use tinted moisturizer,  I rather see some pores than clogged pores, get a slightly lighter tint than your face and then go in with your bronzer to make everything dimensional.