DALI MIAMI is a five-day exhibition of over 200 works — marking the largest body of work by Salvador Dali to ever be showcased in South Florida.

Start waxing your mustaches and melting your clocks! The Magic City is about to get a bit more surreal…

DALI MIAMI will feature Dali’s seminal bronze Venus de Milo With Drawers, one of Dalí’s most iconic sculptures. He gives three-dimensional form, to the idea of the subconscious mind having secret drawers that could be opened at unexpected moments.

Obsessed with the image of the Venus de Milo, which he had viewed in the Louvre, Dalí reinterprets this classic image with a serene and sensuously feminine Venus with a new sense of character and presence, interrupting the smooth and diaphanous drapery with cube-like drawers set into the shape of her torso.

Dali’s Daum glass masterpiece depicting his quintessential melting clock Montre Molle (below) based on the painting The Persistence of Memory will also be on exhibit. Soft watches and others like it allow you to view Dalí’s genius through the translucence of sculptures modeled from coloured glass.

Un Chien Andalou

Taking his vision for a provocative, multi-media exhibition, DALI MIAMI will be continuously showing the 1929 film, Un Chien Andalou. Dali collaborated with friend and director Luis Buñuel on this iconic 17-minute French surrealist film that explores the destructive elements of the psyche and unconsciousness. The film is a dream-like sequence of bizarre and surreal images that may or may not mean anything with no real plot jumping from the initial “once upon a time” to “eight years later” without the events or characters changing very much. You may have to watch a dozen times to begin to make any sense of it so feel free to  preview it here.

Dix Recette d’Immoralité

Dix Recette d’Immoralité or Ten Recipes for Immortality is composed of a series of pop-up books enclosed in a custom-built valise with a telephone handset for a handle. The series gives us a glimpse into Dali’s mind through a mix of biblical imagery with drawings of helical strands of DNA and a paper protuberance shaped like a penis to create a symbolic puzzle.

DALI MIAMI is being produced by Michael Rosen, president and CEO of Colored Thumb, Art Expo, and RedDot Fair. Curated by Reed V. Horth president and curator of Robin Rile Fine Art, a specialist in Dali’s prodigious output. (Tip: Rosen secured celebrity Chef Adrianne Calvo for the opening night reception to recreate recipes inspired by Dali’s Cook Book, so if you’re a foodie make sure you get in on that! Hope we’re invited!)