RalphieOut of the Closet!

If you’re gay and proud put your hands up!

Out of the Closet the World’s Most Fabulous Thrift Store proudly generates income that helps fund the medical services  AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) that provide free HIV testing and counseling support to the community.

We’re giving you the scoop on our favorite local thrift shops. For the premiere feature we sat down with Ralphie from the Biscayne Boulevard location (this particular one is definitely the worlds most fabulous) for a quick chat.

Here’s what he had to say…

How long have you been with Out of the Closet?

Four years, three months. I got here two weeks after they opened. I saw the  pink and blue and I knew it was gonna be an Out of the Closet. 

What makes this particular location different from the others?

Every store is different has their own to be individual vibe. If you go up to Ft. Lauderdale, Wills Manos everyone is a bit older than here.

What’s up with the Pharmacy?

The pharmacy provides is there to provide meds for free or a very low price for people that have health care with us. There also are testing facilities in 23 different countries for both gay and straight. Out of the Closet I think is just a play on words, you can take it how it is.  Its gay-friendly that’s for sure. 

When do you receive deliveries with donations?

Everyday, all the time. Some days are slower than others but that’s just the nature of the business.

Aren’t there trucks that pick-up donations?

Yeah, you can schedule a pick-up to your home. We do pick ups any day of the week for furniture but clothing as to be dropped off here.

Do you put new items out right away or ?

 If it’s not out we can’t make money off of it so we put it out.

Are there any specialty items?

Pretty much everything we don’t discriminate. We like good stuff if something is trash or if its broken of course we dont use it.  But um, we put out pretty much anything that could make a buck. We could sell a toothpick.

Got any tips or tricks for fellow thrifters?

Um, I dunno look very hard. Look often and thoroughly. If you skip a day you could miss it, when we put it out and you don’t see before another buyer comes along you miss it. And that’s anywhere. And if you’re looking for a particular item don’t always jump on the first one you find because maybe you may find something better somewhere else or the next time.

Out of the Closet
Click for map! Map 2900 Biscayne Blvd,Miami, FL 33137
Monday-Saturday 10am – 7pm, Sunday 10am – 6pm