Junior Boysx Seapunk

Friday at The Vagabond WMC Edition

Seapunk innovators, Ultrademon andZombelle, are joining Junior Boys for Fridays at The Vagabond WMC Edition. Those Canucks won’t know what hit ’em!


We all know and LOVE Junior Boys so for those of you who first hear of the seapunk — it started online in Chicago last year by social media geeks tagging and sharing the trippy nautical images (like the one to the right) on Twitter and especially Tumblr. Seapunk gave rise to a tiny music sub-genre categorized elements of punk, pop, hip-hop, and spacey electro dance music.

At the forefront are Ultrademon aka Fire for Effect and Zombelle. Check ’em out, they’re headed to our town! This show should be nothing but the best kind of fun!

Joining the seapunks, Krisp and Fridays at The Vagabond resident DJs are Junior Boys, LIVE! Plus, Entresol and Nightdrive DJs Laura of Miami & Patrick Walsh.