Indie By Trade: Bianca The Cutter

Forget your mom’s hairstylist – hook up with a local independent hair and make-up professional that will give you a funky fresh look. Free from the constraints of salon hours of operation and payment policies, they may even be able to squeeze you in before that hot date tonight!

Don’t know any? We’ll hook you up…

Bianca D’an, better known in and around the scene as Bianca The Cutter, is a fourth generation hairstylist and that ladies and gentlemen, comes with a bit of perspective and a one up on mastering of the trade.

Regardless, Bianca also received professional training from John Paul Mitchell Salon Systems then worked and trained with Rusk, Andis, Vidal Sassoon and Wella to name a few.To date her handy work  has been showcased at fashion shows for top designers including Betsey Johnson and Ed Hardy. Her hairstyles have been displayed as artworks in W Hotels all around the world.

“My passion lies in the art of day-to-day creations of cutting and coloring, giving my clients confidence and making them smile.” 

She cuts, colors, styles, and sculpts even the worst nests of hair. By piecing different techniques and matching different styles, Bianca The Cutter will give you a look of your own to compliment both your facial and social structures.

Hair Do’s: Tips by Bianca D’an

  1. Get a haircut. Believe it or not, a haircut about every 3 months will help your hair grow longer.  As time goes by, split ends cause dryness, frizzes, and broken hair strands. A hair may even split to the root resulting in an excess loss of hair. Ignoring those split ends  will be the cost of having to cut off more length than desired for healthy hair.  A regular trim can prevent an extra 2-3 inches of damaged ends per year, or about half of as much as your hair’s grown.
  2. Get a little dirty. Excessive washing could increase dryness, preventing  natural oils from coating the hair shaft and giving it natural nourishment. Those who have a somewhat oily scalp should try investing in a dry shampoo that will allow you to go that extra day without washing.
  3. Get it right. Conditioning your hair with every shampoo is very important for maintaining the heath and shine of your hair. An added weekly or bi-weekly deep conditioner treatment can help restore or prevent hair from damage. Those with an oily scalp should try conditioning the ends only, to help keep the scalp from getting oily.
  4. Get healthy.  As our hair does grow from our bodies, maintaining a healthy diet will also help maintain healthy hair. A lack of nutrition will keep your hair from getting the nourishment needed for maximum radiance.
  5. Get over it. Over styling your hair is another cause of dry and damaged hair. Products with high-alcohol content, sulfate, and other ingredients can lead to dryness. The excess use of heat tools such as blow-dryers and irons can cause damaged hair to break, so before you start that blow dry invest on heat-protecting serums to help keep that hair in good health.

Client Photostream

“Fierce is in the details.”

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