Craft Basel:Deon Rubi"HandMade Recycled"

Deon Rubi’s handcrafted necklaces are not just trinkets. The jewelry is handcrafted into wearable artworks with which you may add new life to your Sunday’s dress. Each piece has a story, a very profound message that transcends through the recycled materials – bold and clear.

candy - art deco seriesART DECO

The Art Deco Series (2008/2009) was inspired by the 1920’s and the artist’s South Florida surroundings, which lends a stoic, architectural emphasis to her work.


The Clear Series (2008/2009) articulates a clarity of vision that self-referentially highlights the processes involved in creating the prismatic pieces. Deon Rubi, the brainchild of local artist Lucila Garcia De Onrubia, gave us a sneak peak of her latest masterpieces, and you might just be lucky enough to get one too. Fast-moving and forward-thinking, the artist already considers these her “vintage collections.” Though the creator likes to play coy about her works in progress, she has confirmed that an as-of-yet unnamed series is already in the works.

Catch her roaming the streets of Wynwood or hopping art fairs on Miami Beach during Art Basel and maybe, just maybe she’ll hook you up with one before the official launch, tentatively scheduled for Spring 2012.