Arts For A Better World


Arts For A Better World is a unique show presenting galleries from all over the world, showcasing works of artists that contribute to ‘a better world’.

Arts For A Better World invites leaders, thinkers, artists, scientists, celebrities, politicians, educators, adults and children to embrace this powerful message offered by the universal language of art. Better World Museum, a special curatorial space will showcase selected works from well-established artists in a museum-like setup.

Van Gogh’s Dream

A dedicated pavilion honoring the artist and his footprint on art history making its debut at the fair with a series of creating meaningful events and interactions sharing with the general public and collectors alike, the various elements pertaining to Van Gogh’s Dream.

The entire pavilion will be designed to allow visitors to discover the life and work of one of the most important painters in the history of art. Van Gogh’s Room # 5 at Auberge Ravoux will be reconstituted for visitors to enter the and feel the intimate core of the artist’s creativity.

Contemporary artists pay homage to Van Gogh with unique works of arts created on the actual « torchons » (rags) from Auberge Ravoux, the very same ones that Van Gogh sometimes used in lieu of canvas.

Tous Ensemble (All Together)

An installation condemning violence and intolerance through abstract and non-violent contemporary artistic language. Arts For A Better World  has elected to present the latest works of All Together to share with the public a meaningful art exhibition dedicated to tolerance and remembrance. Marc Ash, French artist, created a multi-support installation of 50 pieces, including paintings, sculptures, and installations inspired by The Pianist to use arts as a cement and a way to share memory and honor friendship and tolerance.

November 30 11:00am – December 4,  9:00pm

Surfcomber Hotel 1717 Collins Ave . Miami Beach, FL