Illuminating the StageFrank Hyder

By Gabriel Maleno

Arboles Libres at The Vagabond. Photography by Teejay (DigUnderRock)

Even the biggest and brightest of rock gods and musicians dig some visual stimulation in the backdrop. Bringing just that and then some are Frank Hyder’s three-dimensional luminary installations which now light-up the walls of The Vagabond’s main room. Created by monotype printmaking, Hyder’s installations portray a unique form of art in the nightlife scene.

Frank Hyder draws his inspiration for the luminary creations from his travels to South & Central America — particularly from his experiences while living in the Venezuelan rain forest.

Often constructing the pieces in a tubular form, the mixed media prints create leathery textures when placed on the woodcut, invoking movement and visual rhythm. The “Silver Sea Luminary” installation, composed of three pieces, covers most of the back wall in The Vagabond‘s main room. Together the pieces make a dramatic statement creating a visual rhythm between the works and the sounds of music. Each piece consists of a light source at the center that seeps through to reveal visually appealing designs on woodcut print. The dimensions and patterns not only provokes the passerby to gaze at the beauty of nature Hyder wishes to convey but also makes you want to move.

The installation premiered for the Arboles Libres Fathers CD Release Party at the club last month. Head on down to 14th street for a closer look. Catch a glimpse:

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