Tonight is the premiere of ARTFUZE, a charitable art party at LMNT in Wynwood, celebrating film, fashion, music and last but far from least — the artists. Our dear friend Lauren Ann Wolfe (LAW), woman and local fashion house, will be presenting a live fashion installation, MAN vs MACHINE, created in collaboration with Nietzsche’s Ghost.

This evening, ARTFUZE will celebrate local artists, musicians, filmmakers, and designers. The proceeds generated by ARTFUZE ticket sales go towards funding Build A School in Africa, Art Studio Miami, plus the funding of a studio space, individual art projects, supplies, and future philanthropy campaigns benefiting emerging artists. [Facebook Event]

Music by Xavier Bustos & K/Rex. Photography by Rocio De Maio & Ted VanCleave. Films by Nicole Crespo & Deb Garcia. Exhibition by Lauren Ann Wolfe & Nietzsche’s Ghost. Artwork by Margret Accurso, Vince BadPanda Herrera, Trek Six, Isabel Brinck & Havi Schanz.


“Together we will embody the idea of the machine & its influence on man.” Nietzsche’s Ghost

” I have always enjoyed the wonder of collaborating with other beings & combining visions into a formula.” LAW

Like I said, Lauren is a good friend and so I agreed to lend her and George Patterson (aka Nietzsche’s Ghost) a hand Monday afternoon. I scooped them up and we were off to gather materials in preparation for the installation.

Between “cigarette” hits and phone calls we chatted a bit about the fashion installation. Unfortunately, my memory is foggier than the car was that afternoon and so I’ll tell you what I can gather from our adventure.

George (Nietzsche’s Ghost)

First, we drove over the bridge to Miami Beach where had to pick up a beautiful round and fluffy headpiece made of layers of lace.

They don’t call ’em missions for nothing…We got the headpiece and then as we pulled into a CVS for more road supplies, we noticed that the car was smoking too!

George, proceeded to open her up and there he was, the installation personified — Man vs Machine.

He replenished the necessary fluids and soon we were on our way South.

Several sing-a-longs later we arrived in Coral Gables to pick up the wood that George would be using to build a beach shack (if I remember correctly) inside the exhibition space.

After a game of Tetris, we figured out the best way to ride back without planks of wood breaking through the windshield.

Back in Wynwood, I dropped off the energetic pair at LMNT were they have built the installation. Unfortunately, I had to ride so I didn’t get to see much of the set up or inquire much more about the install but hey, let’s go check it out tonight!

In their words…

“A Woman in a plexiglass box, she sits naked, in a repressed state of internal power. She rises from a hopeless coffin to envision and create a world where woman are recognized for their labor. She is confined alone with only her sewing machine to accompany her. Her only choice is to clothe her idea and transform it into a reality.

Hour by hour she sews each piece, conforming the fabric to her figure, while a deranged painter (Jaime Adrover) reveals her epiphanies throughout the process. Voodoo dolls designed by Eden Grey sway gently, representing the people enslaved by the madness in our cities.

And the machine…

The machine is both good and evil, and at the same time neither. It’s sits above you, in you, around you. It is everything and yet it is our creation. The societal machine grips her with callous gears, while also oppressing the oppressors. But her machine is at the same time her savior, her means of escape, escape back into that same society that binds her.

The ominous machine and the virtuous machine work in symphony to create a microcosm, a world that feels like ours.”

A live exhibition by Lauren Ann Wolfe and Nietzsche’s Ghost.

Opening Reception: Friday, August 24, 8:00 PM – 3:00 AM

LMNT | 59 NW 36 Street | Miami, Florida 33127