Hype CityMiami Art Week2017 Edition

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Kid LoreKeeping it Rough

It’s not often you find a top notch, stoner friendly garage band like Kid Lore in Miami’s less-than-ideal music scene. However, we here at Tropicult like to seek out the good stuff no matter how rare it may be. Featuring brothers Adam Tahoun (guitar and vocals) and Daniel Tahoun (drums) along with bassist Jorge Mogna, these musicians stayed true to their path from the beginning. The Tahoun brothers even attended a Miami branch of the famous School of Rock, an organization that teaches kids how to play rock instruments and start bands.


Cul✝ Trends:Pancakes & Booze

Last Friday, I went to Pancakes and Booze at LMNT to scope out the scene and grab me a few pancakes after work. Naturally, as a broke college student, when an event invite involves the phrase “ALL YOU CAN EAT PANCAKES” there is a 90% chance I’ll show up. Plus, three of my fave DJ friends Nigby, Enzymatique, and Atman, were providing the tunes for the night and being the audiophile (and pancake aficionado) that I am, there was no way I was missing this event. I dragged my tired behind across the causeway after work, grabbed my plate of pancakes and walked the room searching for fresh faces and fresh fits. I was not disappointed.


Smack Grendels& The Wizard of Wynwood

Artist, Mwanel Pierre-Louis’ latest neo- pop series is composed of artworks that visualize the profound impact technology has had in molding our perspective of the world, and the changes online media has in our interpersonal interactions and everyday lives. Here, Mwanel shares with us a bit about his process, answering a general question that some may have already had about all artists —why make art at all?


5 MarvelousMarvel Comics

Lately it seems like the Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) can do no wrong. With blockbusters like Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: Age of Ultron, It looks like comic book culture is finally getting the respect it deserves. So in the love of all artistic mediums we have gathered 5 story arcs that every veteran or noob should read.


HYPE CITYSpring Edition

This is a curated selection of local events submitted to Tropicult by the South Florida community ― organized, categorized, and presented in chronological order, linked a complete listing with full event details, including venue and ticketing information.


HYPE CITYMarch Madness

Welcome to HYPE CITY! This is selection of events we’ve gathered throughout the month – organized, categorized, and presented in chronological order, with links to full event details, including maps and ticketing information.