Behind The Music:Telekinetic Walrus


Telekinetic Walrus is just as creative as their name might imply. Not only do they meld elements of tripped out electronic Miami dance music, psychedelia, and rap together, but their entire project is an ever-growing mythological art piece. From album covers to lore about the band’s beginnings, it’s much more than just the music. T-shirts, graphic design, and science fiction all make up what Telekinetic Walrus has to offer – and although their beverages are not public yet, they even dabble in brewing.

Since 2009, the band has been making their out-of-this-world sound and pushing its upbeat message to the public with seven studio releases and countless shows.

“Our message is overtly positive. Our message is for people to enjoy their lives,” said the de facto leader and author of the group’s fictional narrative, Time-Zoo Keeper.


That’s right, their stage names compliment their fantastical origins and bright colorful aesthetic. It’s all in the story which can be read Time-Zoo Keeper is also a vocalist, along with Corinne Stevie (the least unusual name of the bunch) and beat-boxer, Komakozie. Producing the music both live and in the studio is Y Diz, and he’s backed up by multi-instrumentalist, Faun 5000, and guitarist, Buffalo.

To help get the word out, an entire world has been created around the band by Time-Zoo Keeper. A story involving pre-universal walruses trying to reach the center of an ancient universe is the driving force behind the whole production. Inspired by writers like J.R.R. Tolkien and Douglas Adams, Time-Zoo Keeper said he plans on expanding the concept into comics and eventually a graphic novel.

Their latest release from October of last year, Tic Toc,  so far is the apex of what they’ve been growing into. The cover is a colorful image of fantasy made by vocalist Stevie, which matches the music even better than one might imagine.

At five tracks, Tic Toc is a listen that will keep you engaged from front to back.

With better and better gigs arising both at home and on tour (they just finished the first leg of their Gold Pass Tour 2015), the public is finally catching onto what might be the weirdest musical ride they’ve ever taken. Their unconventional instrumentation and lyrics capture audience’s attention one note, one sound, one word at a time.

In anticipation of their upcoming full length, “The Spaceship with the Heavy Bass Thump,” the Gold Pass Tour 2015 continues on February 26 in Savannah, Georgia, and returns to Miami on April 4 for a listening party at Sweat Records.

Images courtesy of Telekinetic Walrus and Cortney Cates