Darius Rucker

Country Rock at the Perfect Vodka Amphitheater


When you hear the name Darius Rucker, the first thought is Hootie & the Blowfish were a great band, whatever happened to those guys? Since taking a break from Hootie in 2008, Darius has solidified his place in country music history. He is the first African-American country artist to chart a single since Charlie Pride in 1983. He is also a member of the Grand Ole Opry. There was some resistance to his acceptance into the country music world, for several reasons. One, he is perceived as a rock and roll artist and second being that he is African-American.

Darius is one of the most talented, and genuine musicians in the industry. Thankfully, the beauty of music is that true talent and passion will break all barriers, and Darius has done that with every album he has released. The crowds love him, and his show this past Saturday night in West Palm Beach was no exception.

The audience sang along with every word, even when he broke into a Hootie classic ‘Time’, which was a pleasant surprise. Gotta love that old Hootie sound. One thing Darius has, is an unmistakable voice, regardless of which genre he sings. It was a great show and the crowd had a great time.

Opening the show were up and comers Dan & Shay, and Florida grown Michael Ray. Both acts had great sets and the ladies in the crowd were big fans of both opening acts. Keep an eye and ear out for these artists; they will be making waves in the country music world.

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