GIANTS in the Ballroom:An Interview withAlejandro Mendoza

Giants In The City x PechaKucha Nights

PechaKucha Miami #31 takes the historic Richelieu Ballroom at Deauville Beach Resort next Wednesday. PechaKucha Miami, in collaboration with Fordistas, will feature six local luminaries aka presenters, including Deauville’s own Natalie Meruelo, will be shining a light on some of the Magic City’s lesser known stories.

Last week, we got with one of these luminaries, Alejandro Mendoza founder of Giants in the City, a traveling installation of enormous inflatable artworks exhibited all over the world. Alejandro spoke about his process and the benefits and challenges of displaying such unique forms of art. 

What factors do you take into consideration when choosing the spaces for placing the art pieces (other than size concerns)?

The most important factor for me is that the space allows free public access. Giants in the City has been created for the general public, all ages, all backgrounds. Creating playable spaces and more playable cities is very important for me. Positive messages are crucial to the quality of life among city residents that spurs enjoyment and overall happiness.

You mentioned that you have done these installations inside once before, is there any specific concerns you have about doing installations inside vs. outside?

Outdoors Vs. Indoor mostly our challenges are technical and safety when we install outdoor we battle the challenges of the weather (rain and wind) Vs. indoor challenge the Ceiling Height. This GIANT (below) could not fit at the projects FAT Village we moved the piece outdoors.


Where are some of the international locations Giants in the City has been done?

Giant have been presented in different international venues like:

  • 2015 Giants in the City Project workshop Kosarisca , Slovakia.
  • 2015 ART MONACO, Monte Carlo, Monaco France Public Art Project.
  • 2014 Guest Project, Bedington Fine Art, Bargemon South of France.
  • 2014 ART MONACO, Monte Carlos, Public Art Project.
  • 2013 ART MONACO, Monte Carlos, Public Art Project.
  • 2012 Prome Encuentro Bienal Arte Contemporaneo di Caribe, Oranjestad, Aruba.
  • 2010 Giants in the City Special Project Guess FIART, International Art Fair, Palacio de Bellas Artes, Sto. Domingo, Dominican Republic.

What is a unique benefit of creating inflatable art rather than static sculptures or paintings?

The most two powerful benefit of creating Inflatable Art is that it can be moved from one place to another very easily. Giants in the City have the flexibility to appear the same day in a totally different venue just in few hours. The people interaction, the monumental factor is indeed the magic behind these pieces cultivating happiness, creativity, sustaining a message Dream big, dreams come true.

What are some challenges?

Cold air does not make fabric float so I have to calculate based in pure geometry (I do not use a computer software my style is old school) the interaction between the weight of the fabric and the air in order to make a piece successful.  Just sit and try to imagine to created a Monumental Sculpture like 3 floor building just by playing which fabric and air.

Has anyone ever offered to buy one of the giant inflatables for their homes?

Yes, in a few occasion Art Collectors.

What makes displaying your works at the Deauville unique compared to previous spaces?

I’m very honored to be part of PechaKucha #31 and very happy for this new opportunity to display my work in a new venue like The Deauville. Giants in the City breaks away from the paradigm between places and infrastructure. We believed in diversity and the monumental power to introduce art in different venues and most important in any social sector.  I’m very happy for this new possibility.



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