TropiCanna:Platinum Bubba Kush

Strain Review

Greetings once again fellow pot lovers. As promised, I present to you our very first TropiCanna Miami strain review! Not to say that each strain will have been grown here, but every strain will be obtained as a sample from various anonymous Miami dealers.

This is the weed of Miami whether grown or shipped here.

In the name of thorough reporting, I, Emma Jane (with a little help from TropiCanna’s own Phunktographer) will consume and review the procured samples to document various strains of cannabis available in South Florida. It’s not an easy job but someone has to do it. Without further ado, our first Miami strain review…

Tropicanna_June IMG_6671

Strain: Platinum Bubba Kush

The baby of two Kush’s (Platinum OG and Bubba), Platinum Bubba Kush has been praised for years by smokers in California. I’ve been curious about this Indica strain for a long time so when our first sample arrived I was rather excited.

Then, the fact that we live in Miami reared its ugly head. The buds were fire but after an inspection and some research into the strain, I was left doubting both A. the dealer’s story that it was direct from California, and B. that it was actually Platinum Bubba Kush. Living in a non-legal state makes it difficult to get a side-by-side contrast with another cut of PBK from a different grower.

That said, there can be various phenotypes of the same strain so even a direct contrast could be misleading. Unable to grant the benefit of the doubt I came to the conclusion that maybe this wasn’t Platinum Bubba Kush. Whatever it was, it was pretty darn smokeable.


The bud was rich green with a decent manicure job. There was some leaf remaining, but not enough to consider the specimen improperly trimmed. There was something rough about the buds though, however impressive they may have looked at first, that made me doubt whether they had come from a dispensary’s sellable inventory. It had a slightly coarse look as if it was dried too quickly.

Tropicanna_June IMG_6654

While there were plenty of crystals inside, they were modestly sized and did not frost over the buds.


This is the category that made me scratch my head wondering, “Maybe this really isn’t the Platinum Bubba…”

I’ve had real Bubba Kush before and from what I’ve read online, Platinum Bubba is similar in the smell department: sweet and “kushy.”

This bud had more of a skunky, savory aroma. Not bad at all and I’ve smelled lots of fire weed with similar accents, but unless it’s a rare phenotype my doubts led me to believe we had some pretty good mystery bud on our hands.

Tropicanna_June IMG_6655

The smoke was smooth and it tasted delicious – although not like Bubba Kush did.  Therefore this sample was very possibly not PBK. I took a big inhale and held it a couple seconds, then exhaled a sizable plume. The savory smell of the buds translated to a pleasant aftertaste.


Ah. My favorite part of reviewing cannabis. About 2-3 minutes after my massive toke a complete body high enveloped me. It was sudden. As I was writing to a friend, myself and my surroundings instantly became relaxed. My hands loosened as they easily carried my thoughts to becoming words on the screen. A few minutes later the trippy aspect of the high got stronger. It felt good no matter what strain this was. It was a total relaxation high. Even the heady effects were more “chill” than “trip” although I was definitely giggly and happy. Maybe it wasn’t PBK but it definitely featured  indica-like effects. This probably is some great stuff for long days on the couch watching Bob’s Burgers.

Tropicanna_June IMG_6675


It was fire and I had a fun time but I still gave it a B. The minor lack of crystal coverage came through in perceived potency, which really sucked because this strain (whatever it was) felt really good. I wish I had to smoke less of it to get more of the same effect as compared to legitimate high-quality stuff from trusted sources. Another major factor keeping this bud from an A grade was the overall appearance. It was good but not good enough. Not to mention, while the smell and taste were grand, they were not at all indicative of a legitimate sample of PBK.

Because of these factors I couldn’t give it too high a grade, and I would have given it a B- if I had found just one seed. However taking into account our location and the fact that standards are lowered in this inconsistent black market, it was pretty damn good for having been found here.

Emma Jane here once again! Thanks so much for reading our first Strain Review installment of TropiCanna, there are many more to come!