Metal Is(Not Quite) Dead

Heavy Metal in South Florida

Shroud Eater

It’s been said before and it will be said again:

“Miami is not the place to be if you’re in a metal band.”

Well, that’s kind of untrue. In this day and age of raving and clubbing, it would be more accurate to say, “The whole United States of America is not the place to be if you’re in a metal band.” But if hard-hitting, metallic music is in decline throughout the country then Miami is sorta doing alright for itself in that department.

The proof is in the bleeding eardrums. Don’t believe me? Go to the Poor House in Ft. Lauderdale this weekend and just watch. Two of South Florida hardest players, Shroud Eater and Murder Suicide, will be hosting a show with Orlando’s technical metal up-and-comers Mindscar.

Courtesy of Mindscar

Mindscar tore it up when I saw them on their home turf. With fresh material and a growing fanbase it won’t be a disappointment to see these Trivium affiliates do their thing for the South Florida scene. Their crushing songs and stunning musicianship glues eyes and ears to the stage from start to finish. That is, if you’re not in the mosh pit. If so: try a mouthpiece. I’ve heard it makes things more pleasant.

Murder Suicide the most sensitive band in Florida – is so brutal they might take the evening’s award for “band most likely to go to hell when they die (but in a good way!).” For lovers of death metal, Murder Suicide is the band to catch this evening.

Shroud Eater Fronted by power couple Janette Valentine and Jean Saiz, and hoisted up by newly added drumming genius Davin Sosa, Shroud Eater is always a highlight of any lineup. They’ll also be showing off some recently introduced material. Written with Sosa, the new stuff is different for them and unique to a lot of what’s going on right now anywhere.

South Florida is lucky to have such high-volume talent lurking underground. For a proper sampling of the region’s heavy metal this show is a great place to start and it’s FREE! Shroud Eater, Murder Suicide, and Mindscar will be performing Friday, August 21 at Poor House.More ]