Behind The Music:MONTAGE

“I don’t want to sit around and stare at a screen. Fuck this machine, I prefer human beings.”

Photo by John Kux

Montage has been making Miami locals feel their stomachs turn inside out with feelings throughout their 12 years of existence. Brothers Ben Pachter and Ray Pachter started the band in Boca Raton when Ben was 17 and Ray was 14.


They brought in their bass player Pat Moran from Port St Lucie in 2005. Pat and Ray were in Third Nostril, an experimental/noise band, they released their demo Junkie Monkey in 2003 and “once ruled the streets of Sandalfoot” said Ray, before Montage was started.

Ray passed away on February 21, 2010 at age 20, leaving the band to decide weather they could keep going or not. Ben felt like he had no choice and should at least continue it for him and for his self. Their current drummer, Tom Beals from Lake Worth joined in after being in Black Seal and Yellow #6.

Third Nostril, Tribute Show to Kurt Cobain

“We usually play in Miami venues like Churchill’s, Gramps or Kill Your Idol because they’re conducive to weirder stuff even though we aren’t necessarily out there or anything.” Ben

Their music supply is endless but if you dig through it, you’ll definitely find a sick range of raw experimental noise, soft rock, heavy aggressive rock and roll and messy grunge. They make it seem effortless to be able to keep making moves for so long and keeping things old school.

“Let’s speak with our eyes, we don’t have to talk.” Relax, 333333333

You don’t come across musicians who aren’t afraid to keep their recordings real and strictly focused on the music instead of cleaning up their music post-production or caring to0 much on trying to keep an image. It’s badass when you could tell that everything recorded was all DIY and had a lot of work put into the actual music.


Montage has future plans to go on the road, but it hasn’t been confirmed as of now.