Jessie J

Sweet Talker Tour @ The Fillmore Miami Beach

By Andrew Ensenat Photography By Ariella Mostkoff

Just the other night, Grammy-nominated, Brit pop sensation – Jessie J, performed at The Fillmore. This was Jessie J’s first show in Miami, and she promised the crowd that it won’t be her last. 


From the start of the show, people were speculating as to who the special guest would be. Some thought it would be Ariana Grande to help Jessie sing her single, Bang Bang,  others thought it would be Tom Jones to help her sing their song, You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ which they performed at the 2015 Grammy Award Show. But, what do great performers do? They throw their fans a curve ball. The special guest was a young blonde singer from Orange County, who helped Jessie sing one of her songs during her set.

The show was comprised of 11 songs and a 3-song encore. Her unique performance was highlighted by her interactions with the audience. At the end of each song, she sang she gave the crowd autobiographical insight on her struggle of being a musician. She even asked the crowd how many of her albums they had, and whether or not they had stuck with her since the beginning of her career, which has spanned almost ten years now. At one point, she randomly picked three people to sing to her, one being in their mid-twenties, one of them being eighteen, and one (which had the best singing voice and surprised not only her, but the crowd) was a sixteen-year-old girl.


If you’ve ever seen a photo of Jessie J or have had the pleasure of watching one of her many music videos, you will notice that Jessie has great fashion sense. Last night, the English performer had three wardrobe changes during her set. She started the night wearing, Chanel combat boots with heels, American Apparel disco shorts, and an elongated black jersey that read, “Miami”. During her set, she disregarded her Miami jersey and wore one of her shirts that read, “Bang Bang”. During her encore, she was left wearing a black top that looked like a bra, her disco shorts, and boots. But don’t be fooled, the clothes do not make the girl. Another layer of Jessie’s onstage aesthetic is her dance moves and don’t let her nationality fool you, she can move. With every booty shake she shook and for every turn she turned, she had both men and women cheering and desperately wanting more. When both her hit singles, Bang Bang and Domino were performed there was a sea of shaking bodies in the pit, it appeared that you weren’t at a show anymore, but you had entered a club in which both the performer and the audience were in synchronization.


The night ended with Jessie J victoriously standing her own ground while the audience pleaded for a second encore. One could tell from her performance that this pop singer was no stranger to the stage and that she had mastered her craft. Jessie J an artist with such gratitude to her fans and the people that she works with and this was proven when she sent her sound engineer of two years to the stage and hugged him because this was his last show with her. She mentioned that her sound engineer had helped her perfect her sound and it was unfortunate that he was leaving. Ms. J is your definition of a great pop singer and this why she has the following she has and the views she continues to receive on her music videos on the Internet. When she comes back to Miami don’t slip up and see her live, you won’t be let down.

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photography by: Ariella Mostkoff