Music + WhiskeyCirca Survive


By Aura Peralta


Last week, I found myself once again at Ft. Lauderdale’s Revolution Live, anticipating the return of Anthony Green and the amazing Circa Survive. An hour after the doors were to open, the line of people still filled the entrance and willcall looked the same. Another sold-out concert and many disappointed faces surrounded us. Circa Survive brought some friends along, hardcore outfits, Title Fight and Pianos Become the Teeth. The tour promotes Circa’s most recent album “Descensus,” which hit stores in late November. As much as I enjoyed the new record, I was excited about hearing the old stuff, songs off “Juturna”, “On Letting Go”, and “Blue Sky Noise”.  With my ticket at hand and my red solo cup in the  other ,  I patiently waited for  my entranced and chugged as fast as I could.

Once inside the movement was slow as rows and rows were filled with what looked like tiny little heads. Piano Becomes the Teeth were on, and Title Fight followed with an energetic and passionate set of screaming thoughts. Then, the time for Circa Survive to take the stage had finally come. At this point, I had already ran into a couple of other familiar faces which were just as excited. Circa Survive took the stage and opened with “Through the Dessert Alone”. The spaces  between me and  the next person got tighter as each song progressed , and  then finally on to non- existent. Anthony’s high pitched vocals over the melodic guitar riffs pierced through my ears and struck that special place in my heart, as they played Fever Dreams, The Greatest Lie.


Music and songs tend to bring me back to the people and places I once visited. “Two Blue Moons Later” and “That Time Machine” set-off the magic.  A slide show of memories Began to play in my head  as the music became the soundtrack. Specific moments that I cannot put into words are best remembered through sounds and songs. It wasn’t until “Stop the Fuckin’ Car” and “In Fear and Faith”, that the images became clearer and the faces in my head now had names.  Yes, she’s all I thought about. Music that makes you feel. That’s exactly what this show did. “The only one who remembers taking the wrong steps falling in front of me ” we shouted, as if we all felt every single word.

The images being projected along with the lights were perfectly on time to every beat and sound coming from the band. They thanked Florida and everyone that had been with them from the start and proceeded to close the show with “Child of the Dessert”. Oh wait, right when we thought it was over, they came back for an encore. The words “Get out, Get out, Get out”, were the last lyrics we heard. Until the next time.