2K14 Top 3 Picks

By Mariana Ochoa

In Miami, we love our “cafecito” time, giving ourselves a boost of energy and a moment to exchange stories with each other. With this idea in mind, Miami International Film Festival is set to host MIFFecito, a mini film festival designed to give Miami audiences a dose of international film and a preview of next year’s 32nd edition film fest. 

MIFFecito runs October 16 through 19, with screenings held in the classic Tower Theater. Built in 1926, this movie house on 8th street in Little Havana remains one of Miami’s most recognizable landmarks and has recently gone through extensive refurbishing.

1. Conducta

The mini film fest kicks off with the opening night film, Conducta, (Cuba) directed by Ernesto Daranas. Conducta is the story of a teenage boy who illegally trains fight dogs and all of the intricate forces that form his life. Since its premiere, this film has become a social phenomenon in Cuba and continues to ignite urgent discussion about Cuba’s current state.

Conducta trailer:

2. Life Feels Good

True to its name, MIFFecito will offer a remarkable Latin American selection while also premiering films from Bhutan, Poland, Hong Kong, and Italy. The selection touches on an array of international topics and human experiences including the film, Life Feels Good(Poland) about a boy who is born with cerebral palsy and his fight to communicate with the world, the film offers a funny, fierce, sexual and exceptionally moving insight to this true story of determination while drawing parallels to Poland’s national struggles. While another comedy, I Can Quit Whenever I Want(Italy) highlights the very disturbing 43% unemployment rate for today’s Italian youth as young Italian intellectuals realize that their post graduate degrees are worthless and imagine a new psychotropic drug, attempting to apply their education and skills to the illicit drug trade.

Life Feels Good trailer:

3. The Laramie Project

In addition to the film program, visionary playwright, and director, Moises Kaufman is set to host a special event, A Conversation with Moises Kaufman & The Laramie Project Retrospective Screening. The Laramie Project is a 2002 HBO production about the Mathew Sheperd story. The film’s cast features some of today’s well-known actors portraying the Mathew Sheperd story from the words of the community of Laramie, presenting the complexities and the humanity of the affected community. This extraordinary film strikes a chord with the ongoing international struggle against hate crimes.

The Laramie Project trailer:

For the full selection of MIFFecito films and events including the Opening Night Party go to: miamifilmfestival.com/MIFFecito