DOPEDOLL Chronicles: Jacked Fashion

By Vanessa Haim 

They say fashion is an art form, a sheer reflection of the soul, an expressive state of being. Fashion comes in all different shapes, styles and most of all colors. Jacked Fashion’s Alaska is no stranger to color, one look at her hot pink hair will confirm that. Taking inspiration from the Art Deco aesthetic of Miami, her collections embody a fearless attitude towards clothing.

I like to think of the clothing line as an indulgent gift to ourselves rather than something we need for approval or justification “

Delve into the rainbow pixie world of Jacked Fashion’s Alaska Mangialetto…

Jacked Fashion is “all about movement in the arts, vocal fashion and all that we absorb from our vivid and surreal surroundings”. What surroundings influence and inspire your colorful style? 

The array of colors in nature and objects of duality inspire me. Childhood and ego death fascinates me. I’m really into 70’s glam rock, David Bowie, androgynous costume styling, and playfulness. My clothing line is all about the extremities of having fun and being whoever you’d like to be with no holds. Allowing yourself creative freedom and happiness is key. The realization and acceptance of the many different types of entities that inspire us and make us who we are is the core essence of Jacked. Experimentation, interaction, and movement. Miami is a very experimental place I feel, an irrational melting pot. It’s a young city with a colorful disposition and a unique future. It’s inspired me in many ways, like a ruff marital situation would. Through sickness and in health, rain or shine. The Art Deco aesthetic, tourism tackiness, and party minded lifestyle have all triggered creative visuals for the brand. 

Jacked Fashion New York Lookbook.

Between Miami, LA and Brooklyn, Jacked Fashion has a presence in some of the states major cities. How does each city contribute to the overall Jacked brand? 

Each city has its own personality, all very different which accents the brand in unique ways. All three places inspire the shit out of me. The clothing doesn’t function the same way in each place. It has been a lot of collaborative efforts of heart and soul from special people in each city that have made Jacked Fashion’s vision and clothing come to life. I look at the brands presence in these different places as parts of the body. Miami is the heart, LA the brain, and Brooklyn the backbone. Jacked Fashion’s NY brand rep Ashley Garner said it best “It’s not for you, it’s for us”. I like to think of the clothing line as an indulgent gift to ourselves rather than something we need approval or justification of. 


The D.O.N.T. Date An Artist collection and iridescent tops & bottoms are signature staples in your shop. What new pieces or collection can we expect in the upcoming months? 

More tongue in cheek pieces! I have an entire notebook of ideas I’m ready to bring to fruition when the time is right. Lots of fuzzy things and light reflective pieces per usual as well as some new samples I’ve been working on for future collections. I’m hoping to get more rainbow coats out around the globe! Some exciting LA collaborations are in the works as well which have me quite giddy as of late! I’m a pretty new brand so naturally moving things along takes a minute. I’m enjoying the wild journey right now working with my muses and friends and learning the importance of patience.

Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 10.36.14 PM

You’ve worked with some well known brands like Tunnel Vision, Devowevo & Marina Fini. Anyone you are secretly lusting to collaborate or style with? 

Alaska for Tunnelvision Clothing

Yes! These brands are amazing, all run by psychedelic power women that I admire. They have been a dream to work with out here in LA and inspire me endlessly. I’d really like to outfit more musicians. I just dressed Kate Nash which was killer! People like Grimes, Petite Meller, and possibly some strange futuristic glam rock band would be ideal to work with. I’d love to shadow stylist Lori Goldstein.

Every girl has an essential, whats the one item in your closet you can’t live without? 

I’d have to say my rainbow coat! It has travelled far and wide and has been on many different people in many different places. It has protected me. It holds a very special place in my heart and a strong vibration! 

Born and raised in Miami, run us by your picture perfect South Florida day around town. 

My ideal Miami days are usually revolved around the water whether it be the beach, pool, boat, or bathtub. I love boat days with family, friends, and margaritas. Nighttime has always been about finding live music and getting a little dingy. A whiskey sour at the Corner Bar Downtown and some live jazz is always fun. I love cooking for friends and spending nights in with glasses of Malbec, records, and books. 



“Music is a safe kinda high” – Jimi Hendrix. What are the top 5 (or more) tunes that keep you vibing high?

Screen shot 2014-02-27 at 3.22.07 PM

Hmmm, right now… 
Adi Ulmansky – Work It
Patti Smith- Dancing Barefoot
Black Lips- New Direction
David Bowie – Starman, In The Valley Below – Peaches
Ghost Beach – Close Enough
Fleetwood Mac – Rumours (full album)
Queen – Somebody To Love
Chromeo- Old 45’s
Sky Ferreira- You’re Not the One
Joan Jett- I Hate Myself For Loving You
The Brians Jonestown Massacre- Oh Lord
Alt-J -Breezeblocks
Eve- Let Me Blow Ya Mind
Grease – You’re The One That I Want 



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