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Art Days x Public Spaces

Fringe projects are site-determined works that integrate, investigate and interrogate some of Downtown Miami’s less conventional spaces in a wide range of practices including installation to performance.

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Photography by Rod Deal

Last week, we shared Kevin Arrow and Barron Sherer‘s digital project collaboration – PHOTOSTREAM #DDAFF2014. Since, we met Fringe project curator, Amanda Sanfilippo at Moira Holohan and Jenny Brillhart‘s studio, where we got a look at the “making of” their Art Days public artworks. Rod Deal documented our visit with some stunning photographs. Today, we’re going to share what we found, plus other Fringe projects details…

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Photography by Rod Deal

For this year’s Fringe projects, Amanda Sanfilippo worked with the Miami-Dade County Art in Public Places to commission six dynamic and explorative temporary public artworks by Miami-based contemporary artists – Jenny Brillhart, Domingo Castillo, Moira Holohan, Nicolas Lobo, Emmett Moore, Kevin Arrow, and Barron Sherer.

“Working with Miami-Dade Art in Public Places has been tremendous. They took a huge leap of faith and developed from a very robust and interesting organization, to now extremely brave and interesting art public commissioning agency that is doing projects on par with international programs for public art. They are incredibly open-minded supportive of artists and as a public agency they are very artist focused. They took our ideas and tried to transport them in various ways.” Amanda Sanfilippo

Moira Holohan | Pattern State

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Photography by Rod Deal

Pattern State, 2014, Multi-media collaborative performance with Angela Fegers and Monica Sharon and experimental video animation  227 NE 4th St (Building 3, MDC Wolfson Campus)

Moira Holohan worked with dancers Angela Fegers and Monica Sharon to create “Pattern State”, a collaborative project that uses the urban landscape to expand  interest in art practice and performance as a meditative state. The project is a continuation of their past collaborations with an interest in psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s the theory of “Flow State of Consciousness”. The project is composed of body sculptures, performances, and a video animation.

Dancers, Fegers and Sharon, will be wearing the body constraints made by Holohan and attached to Building 3 of Miami Dade College’s Wolfson Campus. The sculptures are derived from the backstrap loom that will be constructed with green duct tape, bungee cords, rope and wood. The green color is chosen to be a signifier for a common editing technique in video and will enable Holohan to mask out the constraints and panels hanging from the architecture in video. She will construct a video as an alternative frame through which to view and interact with the site and performance. The experimental video will be worked on throughout the week to become available digitally on the final weekend through a QR code.

Performance Schedule

Holohan_Higher res

September 18 Thursday 5:00-6:00 PM
September 19 Friday 6:30 PM 
September 21 Saturday 5:00-6:00 PM
September 21 Sunday 2:45-3:45 PM
September 21 Monday NO PERFORMANCE
September 23 Tuesday 6:30 PM
September 24 Wednesday 6:30 PM
September 25 Thursday 7:30 PM
September 26 Friday 7:30 PM
September 27 Saturday 2:00 PM
September 28 Sunday 2:00PM

Panel Discussion: Thursday, September 18,  6:00 PM

Jenny Brillhart | Flat Prospect

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Photography by Rod Deal

Flat Prospect, 2014, Printed vinyl Dimensions Variable, 136 W. Flagler St (Ramp leading to Cultural Plaza & HistoryMiami) Brillhart_all5windows

Jenny Brillhart creates an architectural intervention by making use of features available in the urban landscape that reflect their own nature and purpose. For Art Days, Brillhart is taking the mundane and overlooked, yet architecturally functional forms already present on the ramp leading to the Cultural Plaza and repurposing them. The flattened images of three dimensional spaces intend to draw attention to their source and explore how perspective is key in understanding our environment.

“My work is a dialogue between made and found spaces and forms, and their relationship to place, structure and function. A consistent practice concerned with painting language employs collage, paint, still life, studio, found material and photography. The manipulation of objects and material and pushing for invention through process reveals an attempt to balance and study ideas of beauty, form, and structure through an architectural and pragmatic narrative. “

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