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Art Days are upon us. Three fun filled days with over 170 free events scattered around Downtown Miami. If you’re looking for a spot that has both outstanding art and great fun,  Downtown ArtHouse is just the place! For starters, they’ve got the Magic City Bazaar an artist flea market, happening all weekend. They’ve also got SOUNDS, the experimental music event we told you about, going down on Saturday. Plus, Downtown ArtHouse exhibitions and artist studios will also be open to the public all weekend.  

Mira Lehr

For Art Days 2014, Mira Lehr will open her current work to the public in an informal open studio and exhibition forum. The space will show a cross section of her latest work and her new explorations via sketches and writings. Drinks and food will be served.

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Dimensions Variable and Site95 present Plot, an exhibition by Brooklyn-based artist Jude Broughan. The ten works in Plot are striking juxtapositions of structure and surface that alternate between the figurative and the abstract. Layering photographs between vinyl, leather, and mesh, and sewing the printed images directly to the fabric’s surface, Broughan’s playful arrangements highlight her materials’ diverse qualities and associations.

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Comic Art Workshop

Kathleen Hudspeth will guide the participants through story‐building exercises and the creation of their own comic over the course of 5 hours. Workshop participants will leave the session with a greater understanding of story‐building, narrative, drawing, inking, and screen printing, as well as with hand‐printed comics to take home. Participation Fee: $50.

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Cuban-born, Miami-based artist, Juan Carlos Zaldivar will present a transmedia story called, “Shifting Nature”. Zaldivar produced, sound video and sculptural work through the Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, The Miami Light Project, Sandra Montenegro Contemporary and others, for this site-specific piece. Other artists to check out while visiting the ArtHouse include, Sean Townley, James Troter, and Javier Hernandez.

ART DAYS: 2014 marks the third annual Art Days weekend. In this app you will find an Art Days event calendar that features over 170 free events (unless otherwise noted) packed into three fun-filled days. Art Days is a collaboration between the Miami Downtown Development Authority (Miami DDA) and the cultural spaces and artists residing in Downtown Miami.